Ideal vs Reality – working or writing from home

Many of us have opportunities to work from home either because we are employed with that flexibility built in, self-employed in a home office, or freelancers.

But with this opportunity comes a catch. Because all ideals like this usually have some sort of a catch. The catch often comes down to this:

Preparation and Organization

For most of us, I think it comes down to a combination of both. There are days when I marvel at my own organization and advanced preparation skills. Other days, not so much.

Mindfulness and focus is key here. (Until the family wakes up. Ha.)

So, since I’m on a roll here with words tumbling out of my mouth, I thought I might as well jot down my ideal work day from home and compare it to my actual work day from home. Continue Reading

Ode to Tuesday

My absolute favorite day of the week is Tuesday.

Perhaps some people don’t have a preference over a specific day of the week. But many do. It seems to me that few people likes Mondays. Some people love Fridays; there’s even a hashtag for that (#tgif). Many people look forward to the weekend days, Saturday and Sunday (and those people probably coincide with the Monday haters).

Well, I like Tuesday. Continue Reading

The blank page

This is what a blank page looks like.

the blank page

The blank page does not mean I have nothing to say. Nor does it mean I didn’t write, or type, anything. It just means that what I thought of today, what I forced myself to type out was not publish worthy. So I deleted it here on this platform, went to, deleted that too, came back here, started at the screen, and then the girl work up and started coughing and crying.

So I’m left with this blank page, and a sick child on the couch. In 30 minutes two boys will arrive here from school, my own and another one, they’ll need food to eat and homework to complete before heading out to hockey which means I’m all out of time, patience, and obviously, words.

I’m out of sorts. This is all I’ve got.