Chore day

Actually, there is no such thing as a designated chore day, at least not in my family. Partly this is because weekends belong to youth sports and everyone is in divide and conquer mode…but, if by some small miracle there is a big part of unfilled space on the calendar, and I see everyone sitting staring at tv screens or whatever, I get a little twitchy.

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Interrupted weekend morning

Instagram is down. Again.


Sometimes I don’t care about that app, but I had a fun outing yesterday and posted stuff and I wanted to see if anyone cared.

Perfect time to sit with IG is during morning coffee on a weekend when no one *needs* breakfast or packed lunches. Like right now.

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Reading and reflecting: 9th edition

Here is a thing that seems appropriate in snowy weather – adults in snow pants. Do you wear snow pants? I do sometimes when I’m out walking the dogs…
Why do adults in Ottawa wear snow pants on the bus?

* * * * *

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Hot hot hot: on summer, labour day weekend and back to school lunches

It’s stupid hot today. I went to dump a large watering can of water on my cucumber plant and lost 10 pounds in sweat. 🙄

As if. 😶

I wish! 😝

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Low energy day

Happy Easter weekend!

So happy to have a low energy day today. Good Friday for us non-religious types is a day off from the routine and school, although I noticed quickly that the kids manage to drive me a little bit batty just the same. 🙂

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