Mother Nature’s fury

I was going to write a post about a household challenge when I saw pictures of the Florida panhandle and it’s catastrophic damages.

My household challenge is nothing but fluff. It doesn’t even register anymore now that I turned on CNN for a minute.

My heart goes out to you, Florida, and everyone else who is affected directly or indirectly by the fury that is Mother Nature.

Stay safe.


Crappy Monday morning? A little luxury will save the day…

Stress and anxiety were my first emotions of the day today. The tone of what happened last night stayed with me and carried into Monday.

Not a good way to start a busy week. (Had to do with fortnite, don’t even ask…) Continue reading

Rain and spilled tea

It’s like a November day outside today. Endless, streaming rain, cool temperatures, and pretty much everything I see irritates me: the dandelions are taking over my yard and it’s too wet to cut the grass, there are puddles in places there shouldn’t be puddles, the dog/house/kids are wet and muddy, and all outdoor sports we were so looking forward to are canceled.

When I woke up this morning and saw the gray, foggy wetness outside, I was looking forward to sitting on my couch, tune into the Weather Network, drink my tea and mentally organize my day. Lots of stuff on my plate, half of which will probably get canceled due to the weather. Continue reading