About the pee and pay culture

Yesterday my mom told me an interesting and helpful little tidbit about peeing. 🙂

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Tuesday ramble: the last stretch of summer vacation

This is pretty much what I felt like yesterday….day after returning from vacation.

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Kids sport tournaments

The annual ringette tournament is coming up this weekend, and my girl and I get to go on our own this year. The boys are in quarter finals hockey,  so their availability to join us looks sketchy.

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Computer crashes, some pondering, and a cool flag craft

I didn’t back up my computer.

Luckily, when my hard drive crashed a couple of weeks ago I wasn’t completely despaired. I’m in the habit of emailing myself important information, especially attachments and photos. I count my lucky stars I’ve been doing that with my photos…

I used to upload my photos to other places, a family photo blog, flickr, etc…and then I stopped, or meant to continue but didn’t take the time…perhaps it’s time to revisit.

Next decision was what now? Should I buy new, go to Mac vs Microsoft? So many decisions. I just wasn’t in the mood to research.

I finally opted out of replacing my laptop. Getting my hard drive replaced instead cost me $60 whereas a new laptop would have cost me way more.

I simply don’t want to spend the money right now.

So that’s one thing that’s happened.

Another thing that happened has been lurking in my brain for days now.

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Freedom, with a touch of loneliness

They left.

The van was full, the kids were happy, and their little surprise lunchboxes, which they were instructed not to open until they were on the highway, were stowed carefully within reach by their seats.

I stood on the porch in my nightgown and waved goodbye. Hugs and kisses were exchanged numerous times before, and all I had to do now was wave.

“Bye bye!” they yelled. “Miss you already!” they screeched.

I returned inside to fill a watering can for my drooping flowers on the front porch. While I waited for it to fill I contemplated if I should colour my hair this morning, or go to the salon tomorrow.

Today is a holiday in Canada, the second last long weekend of summer.

I’ll stay home, I said to myself. Make coffee, write, putter around. Wash the grey outa my hair.

I took my watering can to the front porch and just as I emptied it, the van pulled back into the driveway.

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Camping vs Glamping (and no walkers hunting you down)

When I think about camping these days, images of the Walking Dead survivor group comes to mind. I see them way back at the beginning when Shane was in charge (sort of) camped out by a quarry. I see them after they escaped Herschel’s farm, reconvened after a herd of walkers tore apart their sanctuary, and Rick declaring the group a dictatorship: “This isn’t a democracy anymore”. He had just killed Shane and Andrea was missing…and they were camping in the forest with nothing but their clothes on their backs. Oh, and Lori was pregnant…

The group camps out of necessity and because there is no other option.

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