Activity nights

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Sports parenting between seasons: aka growing roots into the couch

Last Sunday, baseball ended with a silver medal for my 12 year old son. And with that, my schedule suddenly looked very empty. I deleted all the existing, pre-scheduled practices that were intended for preparations for the Provincials, and looked at the lovely, empty squares. Continue Reading

Another thing to love about tweens

Tweens eagerly embrace independence, right? I know both my kids do, but particularly my older one. He’s 12, had a part-time job this past hockey season, finally owns his own phone, and has been taking public transit to and from school for months now.

He’s also taking me on a pretty fast and furious roller coaster. Not literally, of course…but there you have it. The teenage years are on the threshold…


It’s probably not a secret that some tween kids aren’t crazy about school. Maybe some areĀ  (my 9yo), but there are probably a fair amount that would prefer to wile away their days anywhere but IN school. Like this 12yo boy of mine…if there’s a chance to miss school he’ll gladly take it!

On the weekend I told him about an appointment I made for him at 2 pm on Monday afternoon.

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About oversleeping, hockey practice and alarm clocks #AmWriting

Last Saturday, for the first time in seven years of minor hockey, we all overslept past a practice.

Well, theoretically, the boy still made it to practice, but the point is, the usual Saturday morning routine was completely disrupted. Instead of a full-fledged high-protein breakfast I threw a half toast and microwaved-poached egg sandwich at both the boy and his dad, along with a nut bar in a package, and some OJ and said…’buy something at the snack bar between practices’ because of course that Saturday the coach had two back-to-back ice rentals booked.

We rarely have two practices in one day. And now, we missed part of the first practice.

The question was, why did we sleep in? Continue Reading

Little big-kid adventures

Yesterday I had to pick up my 9 year old at her school. She had an activity for 25 minutes past her bus departure and so I drove over with my mom to wait for her outside the schoolyard.

On the way home we got stuck behind a streetcar. About halfway between my daughter’s school and our street, at a big intersection, I see a group of boys getting on the tram.

One kid waves to us like a maniac as he approaches the back doors.

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