For all the tea in China…

(Note: check out the comments for more ideas on tea preparation)

Back in my flight attendant days, we used to fly to the UK every summer.

On these trips, we were told to serve tea first and coffee second (whereas on most other flights, coffee was the predominant choice and served first).

The way we served the tea was with a stainless steel teapot in one hand, and a tray in the other. The tray contained a small container with milk, a little bowl of sugar packs, and another bowl of sliced up lemon.

The non-tea drinking passengers would puzzle over this choice when presented with the tray.

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Choosing a topic when writing a letter by hand

I used to write a lot of letters. Partly this was to stay in touch with my family in Europe after we left to move to Canada when I was 11. My grandmother in particular enjoyed the letters and always responded.

I looked forward to her mail. ❤

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