Kids and fortnite: the parental negotiations continue

If you have a boy over the age of 8 you are probably familiar with the endless fortnite debates. πŸ™ƒ

Here’s yet another amusing anecdote involving the kid, us parents and the endlessness that is known as fortnite mobile (i.e. an app on a phone).

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You know how they say clichΓ©e things like ‘the year started with a bang’?

Lotta bangs happening here…and some of them will cause a ripple effect into January. This is both good and bad simultaneously, but what can I do except grin and bear it?

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Customer service, banks and the little old lady with lumps in her beverage

I have just had a horrible experience with an online banking institution that begs for a tiny bit less rigidity when it comes to the very strictly enforced ‘anti-fraud’ systems put in place by financial institutions.

I often think, how do people who don’t have internet, or who have trouble hearing on the phone, handle so many things these days that require both internet savvy and adequate hearing? Continue reading