Hot hot hot: on summer, labour day weekend and back to school lunches

It’s stupid hot today. I went to dump a large watering can of water on my cucumber plant and lost 10 pounds in sweat. πŸ™„

As if. 😢

I wish! 😝

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Summer and kids and groceries and slime

When I left home to do a big grocery shopping, my 10yo daughter had a friend here and they were making slime.

glue, shaving cream, borax and food color makes slime

Slime-making, I’ll have you know, is BIG ’round here with the tweens. Especially the tween girls.

Slime is fun!

I leave them with the husband and the dog and have no idea where the teenager disappeared to. I figured he’s plugged into fortnite, where else, but I didn’t check.

He was quite anxious to get home after our 45-minute bike-ride earlier…

Two hours later, I come home and the girl pal is still here making slime. (How much freaking slime do they need?)

As the husband holds the dog back, who can barely contain himself that I’m finally back where I belong, he announces this:

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I’m no amateur hockey mom, but then this happened…

I’ve been a hockey mom since my oldest, now 11, was 5.

That’s a lot of years at the rink. And since we joined competitive, that time has only increased.

What I’m saying is, I’m not an amateur when it comes to schlepping kids to the rink.

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Collision course: end of summer, beginning of hockey and back to school

Back to school is on everyone’s mind, but in some places, school started already.

My extended family in Switzerland had their first day of school this week.

In Germany I believe the first day of school is next week.

Some of the southerns States appear to have had their first day of school in mid August already. Hope they have air conditioning down there in the school systems…

harvest basket

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Computer crashes, some pondering, and a cool flag craft

I didn’t back up my computer.

Luckily, when my hard drive crashed a couple of weeks ago I wasn’t completely despaired. I’m in the habit of emailing myself important information, especially attachments and photos. I count my lucky stars I’ve been doing that with my photos…

I used to upload my photos to other places, a family photo blog, flickr, etc…and then I stopped, or meant to continue but didn’t take the time…perhaps it’s time to revisit.

Next decision was what now? Should I buy new, go to Mac vs Microsoft? So many decisions. I just wasn’t in the mood to research.

I finally opted out of replacing my laptop. Getting my hard drive replaced instead cost me $60 whereas a new laptop would have cost me way more.

I simply don’t want to spend the money right now.

So that’s one thing that’s happened.

Another thing that happened has been lurking in my brain for days now. Continue reading