Anticipating happy hour…

It’s taken a few weeks and a few trips* out of town to finally feel like summer-vacation-mode is in full swing.

But today, I feel edgy, irritated and annoyed. I’m finding myself craving solitude which is practically impossible in this tiny bungalow, during summer vacation and with everyone home. Constantly.

I could pack my laptop and head to the library to work and write. But then I would miss my snacks and what if I have to pee? Do I pack up the laptop, risk losing my spot, all because my bladder can’t handle to wait?

Would rather have an empty house, healthy snacks handy and my own bathroom. Continue reading


Working with a lack of routine and scheduled activity

Almost immediately after the kids came home from their last day of school on Thursday, any semblance of routine or schedules went out the window.

There are no fixed breakfast eating times, lunch is a free for all grab what you want, ice cream and popsicles are the go-to “I’m hot, I’m bored, I want” answer and dinner is…whatever, whenever. Depends on who wants to cook or grill and what’s in the house or how much we are willing to spend on food elsewhere.

No one goes to bed at a reasonable time either (well, I do, but I don’t care what they do, so I don’t police them).

For the rest of the summer, with all of us home, schedules and routines will take a backseat at this house.

I realized today that this isn’t going to work for me. Continue reading

The end of the renovations, more wildlife, and then they shut the water off

Since the first day of summer vacation, we’ve had renovations going on. Mostly outside, but the guys did come inside to put a sub-pump into a closet downstairs during the last couple of days. My closet looked like an outhouse for a while, with a huge hole in the ground and bags of dirt piled along the wall.

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A summer evening adventure involving lost children and city wildlife

Last night we had an unplanned, somewhat freaky adventure.

After dinner, we I decided that a walk down to the lake might be a nice way to end the day. The kids would have preferred to plug in, but they started a pillow fight so I kicked everyone out to burn off some excess energy and enjoy the less humid evening air.

We walked to the park which has a huge field to the right of the path. They brought along a ball, so I let them play a bit of soccer and continued strolling along the path that turned left toward the lake.

local park in the 'hood

I thought they were behind me. Continue reading

I don’t want to because I’m tired

I don’t want to pack lunches.

I don’t want to cook dinner on a stove every single night.

Nor do I want to clean up the kitchen after.

I don’t want to go to the grocery store, the big box store, or any other store that sells food or related items.

I don’t want to wake up kids who prefer to sleep in.

I don’t want to send kids to bed when they’re not tired yet.

I don’t want to do laundry, especially socks. I don’t want to see any socks from now till next September.

I am tired of monitoring homework, screen time and snacks.

I’m tired of everything.

Summer vacation is near, but oh so far still.