Unconventional medical advice

Random thought going through my head this morning:

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I’m so stressed.

Also I quit parenting teens.

Just so you know.

Here’s what I need: a writing retreat in a beautiful city where I can write, people watch, be inspired, do my thing.

Where should I go? And who wants to foot the bill? 🙄


Crappy Monday morning? A little luxury will save the day…

Stress and anxiety were my first emotions of the day today. The tone of what happened last night stayed with me and carried into Monday.

Not a good way to start a busy week. (Had to do with fortnite, don’t even ask…)

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Homework stress and the sensory box

A mom whose blog I follow mentioned recently that she created a sensory box for a child in Girl Guides. But it turns out her own child ended up enjoying this box so much she kept it for her. When I read this, I immediately had one thought:

Make a sensory box for my own girl-child.

I thought it might address the anxiety issue in our own household. Imagine this scenario:

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The last push

You know that end of school year feeling, that ‘limping’ you do at the very end? For us here in Canada, last few weeks of school in June are exhausting in a ‘what’s the point of going’ way.

Well a similar kind of exhausting is happening right now, for many of our hockey family peers.

It’s the end of the regular season in minor hockey at the GTHL. Immediately after we play our last regular season game (I believe our 36th game for the year) we will head into playoff season.

The playoff season is when everyone will lose their collective minds.

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