Broken fridges, and bootie wearing pooches

Do you see what this is?

Why yes, those are snow covered coolers.

There’s snow on my coolers because this is Canada and this year snow decided to come early.

But why are there coolers on my back porch in winter? Continue reading


More house maintenance, a big breakfast and snow!

I took the kids out for breakfast this morning because we’re getting the ducts cleaned. I knew they’d have the door propped open for a portion of the day, and would be walking around the house dealing with the vents. Knowing what my kids are like during their morning routine, I didn’t want to deal with that added dimension – trust me no this. The end of the semester prior to the highly volatile Christmas break = major grumpiness among my minions here. Best to get them out of here. 🙂

But first, they had to help dig out the cars. Continue reading

It’s not just Texas that gets snow…and other random ramblings

The first snowfall of the season happened yesterday and stuck around for the day today. There is little in the world that makes me smile more than driving or walking by a school yard at recess or lunch and hear the children’s delight. All it takes is enough snow to build forts and snowmen and the kids are happy as clams! Continue reading


Sometimes it feels like I’m moonlighting at a prison. That’s how many keys I have on my key ring.

There’s my three keys for the house. And the three keys for my parents house. And the key for the dog’s house that I sometimes sit. And the two car keys, with one of them having a separate car door opener beeper thingy. And because the van key automatic door opener beeper thingy is not working I had an extra key on the ring, as well. AND, a separate house door key on a separate ring with a key chain in the shape of a hockey puck (because that’s just the way the cookie crumbles in this house).

My partner’s key ring has four keys on it. Continue reading