An irksome morning

Today I attracted a bunch of airheads and an asswipe. So I came home at lunch and I’m not leaving ever again.

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🎶 Happy together…? 🎵

Quick question for my American friends this morning:

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Never a dull moment – Thursday

Ok so I’m focusing on some positive, happy things here to get through the week filled with stress, a deadline, PMS, clutter and arguments…here is the first thing:

My house plant is flowering!

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Growth spurts

Today I took my boy to Costco to get his passport photo done. And mine, too. Both of us are due to renew…

It appears a trip to Switzerland is in the works. My girl child is pestering me to death, and my family in Europe had given us a standing invitation, so now I’m finally figuring out what dates would be suitable.

For that we need current passports, of course, which is why we were at Costco. They have good prices there. 🙂

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