Shopping at Costco: adhere to mom’s plan or stay out of her way

This morning I announced that we can no longer put off a trip to Costco.

I’m out of everything I normally purchase there, but more importantly, I’m out of patience to keep running to smaller stores to pick up this and that every couple of days. It takes a certain mental focus to feed a sports family, even during the lull of summer vacation. They may not be in the depth of hockey season right now, but they’re in baseball, and lifeguard club, not as heavy but still, enough to constantly have to feed them something more sustainable than a sandwich they make themselves…

This morning, I had my list, my membership card, and both my debit and credit card ready. Typically I’m pretty good at estimating the cost of the contents in my shopping cart.

My partner said he’d stay home this time, to go ahead with the kids. At the last minute he decided to join us. This is good in the way that a) he can drive and battle the parking lot, and b) he will remember items he likes that he didn’t tell me to put on the list. Nothing worse than coming home from a long, bulky trip to the words “did you remember the almond butter?”.

I wish people would remember this stuff when I compose my list…

So we get there, the parking lot is relatively empty, and I’m hoping this trip will be painless and, dare I say it, enjoyable.

Turns out, this was not meant to be (for me). Continue Reading


The liquor store has it out for me

I told this story to my partner and he looked at me in an incredulous way. “Why does this keep happening to you?” he wanted to know.

That’s what I want to know, too.

A while ago, I visited a newly opened, very modern and big LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) to purchase some wine and beer. I placed my items into a basket and walked to the register. Then I emptied my wares and placed the basket on the counter ahead of me.

There was no one at the register, no one behind me, and no other customers anywhere near me.

An employee approached the register and said “the basket goes over there”, pointing toward the front door.


I’m thinking: you’re the one who works here…. Continue Reading

The endlessness that is…

…couch shopping.

(For once, the word endless is not followed by the word hockey. Ha.)

Almost exactly a year ago we moved back into the renovated house.

We turned the two bedroom bungalow into a one bedroom on the main floor and two bedrooms in the basement type of house in order to have an open concept kitchen/living/dining area.

This was definitely not a mistake. I love the main part of the house. So open, so airy, so light, so….cluttered. Continue Reading

Monday morning grief

This morning, my partner says to me “will you do a white wash today?”

Why, was my response. Oh, he doesn’t have any more of those white tshirts he sometimes wears.

I do a quick check in the drawers to reassure myself that it’s not possible he’s out of undershirts, expecting a disarray of tshirts mixed up with other clothing, and I see neatly folded non-white tshirts and an empty spot where the white tshirts are usually stowed.

Oops. Continue Reading