Monitoring beverages

As I get older, my ability to drink beverages and then go out someplace that does not have a loo nearby is getting more challenging with every passing year.  So, longer dog walks, parks and playgrounds, even some baseball diamonds are out (unless they’re newer and have these facilities on the premises, which here in Toronto is not always the case).

Hiding in bushes is neither convenient (it’s February, all the branches are bare), nor desirable (I’m not a kid, or a man…) 🙄

Coffee, tea and water are the worst culprits.  Continue reading


It’s 5 o’clock…I’m hungry!

It is perfectly normal to feel hungry around 5 pm, right?

5 pm to me does not imply more snacks are imminent. Snacks are supposed to tie you over to dinner, rather than fill you up. A snack is available for my kids after school. They should, theoretically, be able to hold off on eating after snack time and before dinner. Continue reading