3 polls about self-checkout machines

The other day I rambled on about my day and mentioned an incident in a store about a self-checkout machine.

They’re popping up everywhere in modern, civilized society. And many larger chain stores are renovating to accommodate this trend. I see this in in the Greater Toronto Area, but I have also seen this in Switzerland while on vacation last summer.

The interesting thing is the comments that came in on my post.  It came from an assortment of international readers beyond Canada where I live.

This has me thinking. (Uh oh… 😏)

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Product recalls, returns and why it may seem futile for customers

Two days ago I got a product recall notice in my email which came through my rewards card to alert me that one of the products I bought might be contaminated. Something about shards of glass due to some issue at the manufacturing plant.

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The liquor store has it out for me

I told this story to my partner and he looked at me in an incredulous way. “Why does this keep happening to you?” he wanted to know.

That’s what I want to know, too.

A while ago, I visited a newly opened, very modern and big LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) to purchase some wine and beer. I placed my items into a basket and walked to the register. Then I emptied my wares and placed the basket on the counter ahead of me.

There was no one at the register, no one behind me, and no other customers anywhere near me.

An employee approached the register and said “the basket goes over there”, pointing toward the front door.


I’m thinking: you’re the one who works here….

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