Plastic bags and the bulk food store

I have a dilemma on my hands.

Tonight, while my daughter is at her outdoor baseball practice, I will be visiting the Bulk Barn. They closed the store near our home, so the next most conveniently located one is near the diamond where she practices.

I love the Bulk Barn. I get all my nuts and seeds from there to eat during my low/no carb diet spurs I go through every once in a while. I get oats and specialty flours from there, spices and sprinkles for the child-baker in this house… I even get dog treats from there if we’re dog sitting.

The Bulk Barn in Canada has specialty containers you can purchase, or bring your own clean ones, to discourage from plastic bag usage. It’s no secret that there is too much plastic polluting our world today. I’ve written about this before (see further reading below), and am keenly aware of our own [mis]-use of plastic. Continue reading


Can you be an ecologically responsible consumer in today’s wasteful society?

I’ve been overwhelmed with wasteful behaviour lately.

And I keep thinking, just let me get through this day, this week, this stretch and I’ll change for the better. I’ll make better choices AFTER this happens or that is over with.

It never works out that way. Continue reading

Residential household recycling and its ongoing challenges

Here’s a question:

At what point does household recycling affect the family dynamic in a negative way?

I only ask because of the four people residing in this house, I’m probably the most conscientious of us all. The rest do their part, as we now have a drawer under the kitchen sink to accommodate three out of four containers to collect our daily waste.

This was not always the case. Prior to our renovation we had a very tiny kitchen with very little space. Recycling was a bit of a complicated activity where bags would hang off of doorknobs during colder months in order to avoid taking a trip outside every time someone had an item for the blue bin. The bags served their purpose but irritated no one but me. I mean, who likes to look at random plastic bags full of recyclable containers and newspapers hanging about the house?

Not me. That’s who. Continue reading

Recycling in today’s product, not produce, society

I took a picture of our large and extremely full recycling bin today.

full large recycling bin old and new recycling binsRidiculous, I think to myself. How does this happen? How did we become a family who rarely had anything in a tiny open box-style recycling bin (grey box in second picture) and now have a large, lid-covered bin on wheels completely full to the rim every two weeks? And it’s not even a gift giving holiday…. Continue reading