Lock-down Sunday – part 2

The Canadian Forces Snowbirds never made it down to my ‘hood. According to the twitter feed that tracks these things, they turned somewhere around the iconic CN Tower downtown, which is east of my little SW corner neighbourhood, and then headed north.


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And so it begins…

Is there such a thing as PTSD due to Christmas mess?

I’m sitting here by myself, the family still crashed out cold, almost literally suffocating.

I can’t even…


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Moods: up and down like a roller coaster

Moods. Who needs them? Not me. Wish I could be a very even-keeled kind of person who doesn’t fluctuate between depression and rage, and everything in between.


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Stuff and clutter: what we own, what we store, what we’ll inherit

Have you read the list of 49 things about me I posted the other day? Numbers 6, 7 and 8 touch on my desire for order in this house. Frankly, I could come up with 49 items just on that topic, but that would be a boring list to read. 😛

But the accumulation of stuff is a prevailing topic in my life.

For instance, my parents are housing stuff that belongs to us. Even though we have our own house, you understand.

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The family went camping and mom stayed home

Finally late this morning, they left for their camping trip. As mentioned previously, I opted out.

Soon as they were gone, I started a kitchen purge and deep clean.

I didn’t even really mean to tackle this now but there was a smell… 😏

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The purge: starting at the beginning

Face it: minimalism in a family with kids is about as far away from possible as Fiji is from Canada.

Which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attempt it.


I amuse myself.

Ha ha ha.

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Uneventfully eventful

Monday morning started off a little weird. It was a holiday so there was no school for the kids. Another day to sleep in sounded lovely after I finished watching the Walking Dead the night prior… That show always leaves me distracted. I can’t fall asleep immediately after, know what I mean?

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Lost stuff

Ever wonder how much time we waste looking for lost or misplaced stuff? I bet it’s a lot of time. And I’m just talking about my own stuff, not even the rest of the family…

Just today, like every day, I misplaced my reading glasses countless times.

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