Far away

The title is a hint.

I’m in a horrible mood. 😡😤😵

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Moods: up and down like a roller coaster

Moods. Who needs them? Not me. Wish I could be a very even-keeled kind of person who doesn’t fluctuate between depression and rage, and everything in between.


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Stuff and clutter: what we own, what we store, what we’ll inherit

Have you read the list of 49 things about me I posted the other day? Numbers 6, 7 and 8 touch on my desire for order in this house. Frankly, I could come up with 49 items just on that topic, but that would be a boring list to read. 😛

But the accumulation of stuff is a prevailing topic in my life.

For instance, my parents are housing stuff that belongs to us. Even though we have our own house, you understand.

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The family went camping and mom stayed home

Finally late this morning, they left for their camping trip. As mentioned previously, I opted out.

Soon as they were gone, I started a kitchen purge and deep clean.

I didn’t even really mean to tackle this now but there was a smell… 😏

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The purge: starting at the beginning

Face it: minimalism in a family with kids is about as far away from possible as Fiji is from Canada.

Which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attempt it.


I amuse myself.

Ha ha ha.

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Uneventfully eventful

Monday morning started off a little weird. It was a holiday so there was no school for the kids. Another day to sleep in sounded lovely after I finished watching the Walking Dead the night prior… That show always leaves me distracted. I can’t fall asleep immediately after, know what I mean?

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Lost stuff

Ever wonder how much time we waste looking for lost or misplaced stuff? I bet it’s a lot of time. And I’m just talking about my own stuff, not even the rest of the family…

Just today, like every day, I misplaced my reading glasses countless times.

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#NaBloPoMo – Division of labour

I wrote this post to publish on Sunday, November 5, as part of my commitment to publish a post every day in the month of November. My app wasn’t working properly while out of the house all day, so I am posting the Sunday post on Monday.


There are things that preoccupy me that don’t seem to even register on the other household members.

Things like clothing. Their clothing.

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