Minutiae can wait, and alone-time is bliss

It took me almost two weeks just to get into summer vacation mode.

The first week I was still analyzing, preparing, organizing and dealing with every little minutiae that is part of raising a busy family. But like so many moms, I am downright exhausted by said minutiae. I hoped to let go of some, if not most of it, for part of the summer, but I am not wired to live like that. Sure I can turn a blind eye to some of the chaos (occasionally) or force a kid to clean up some mess, but as this article demonstrates, delegating is just another job for me:

Ah, yes, the “Just tell me what to do!” defence—like nails on a chalkboard to female household managers everywhere. The idea of deputing tasks or asking for help implies you’re still the one running the show. Delegating is just another bloody job. (Lauren Ballem)

I even wanted to stop the delegating. Continue Reading

Working with a lack of routine and scheduled activity

Almost immediately after the kids came home from their last day of school on Thursday, any semblance of routine or schedules went out the window.

There are no fixed breakfast eating times, lunch is a free for all grab what you want, ice cream and popsicles are the go-to “I’m hot, I’m bored, I want” answer and dinner is…whatever, whenever. Depends on who wants to cook or grill and what’s in the house or how much we are willing to spend on food elsewhere.

No one goes to bed at a reasonable time either (well, I do, but I don’t care what they do, so I don’t police them).

For the rest of the summer, with all of us home, schedules and routines will take a backseat at this house.

I realized today that this isn’t going to work for me. Continue Reading

Rain and spilled tea

It’s like a November day outside today. Endless, streaming rain, cool temperatures, and pretty much everything I see irritates me: the dandelions are taking over my yard and it’s too wet to cut the grass, there are puddles in places there shouldn’t be puddles, the dog/house/kids are wet and muddy, and all outdoor sports we were so looking forward to are canceled.

When I woke up this morning and saw the gray, foggy wetness outside, I was looking forward to sitting on my couch, tune into the Weather Network, drink my tea and mentally organize my day. Lots of stuff on my plate, half of which will probably get canceled due to the weather. Continue Reading