Today the grandma of my daughter’s friend took a long, hard look at me outside of the home where I was picking up my girl and said:

“You look like that movie star. What was her name again?”

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A chance to leave the house today

Today I get to go to a track and field meet where my daughter is competing in three events. All the district schools are participating, so it will be a busy, fun (and noisy) time.

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Product recalls, returns and why it may seem futile for customers

Two days ago I got a product recall notice in my email which came through my rewards card to alert me that one of the products I bought might be contaminated. Something about shards of glass due to some issue at the manufacturing plant.

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Hormonal plunge in middle age

For several days during every month I feel more irritable, more pissed off, more inclined to run away and never come back than the rest of the month.

It’s hormones. In midlife, hormones play a huge role in emotion control. Or lack of control. This is true for most women I think, but I wouldn’t be surprised if men, too, had periods of less patience and more irritability. (Feel free to chime in, men…)

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Spring cleaning frenzy

I posted this last night under a different title. Once it showed up in the reader I cringed at the stupid title I came up with so I took it down. I came up with a different title and here you go. 😃

The empty-nest followers of this blog assure me that life will get too quiet when the minions depart our humble abode. I know this, and I both look forward to and dread it somewhat. In the meantime, our mayhem at least provides blog fodder. 😉

* * *

My Saturday began with sneezing.

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