A rant that isn’t a rant

I had this whole big rant planned this morning. But instead of dwelling on the negativity I’ll just give you the short version:

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Tuesday, you’re on notice

The sun has arrived, the snow and ice is melting, everything is turning into mud and I’m sitting on my couch writing romantic fiction. Steamy romantic fiction.


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Slings and arrows of family life

I came across this term the other day which I thought was a remarkably accurate description of what normal family life is like for many of us.

All day you’re bombarded by the slings and arrows of daily life. It’s kind of what it feels like, sometimes, right?

You’re going about your routine, you carve out a little space for a bit of personal time, you adjust and adapt to whatever demands external factors dish out and at the end of the day you sink into bed and wonder, what did you accomplish today?

Here’s my answer:

If no one is dead, in jail, or, if they’re lucky, grounded, then it was a good day. 🙄

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Wordless Monday

I’m out of steam. I have no words. My house looks like it hasn’t been cleaned or tidied since before Christmas. Kids need driving to and fro all week. There’s appointments and shopping and blah. So here you go, this is my picture-filled post from my sort-of vacation/tournament with my daughter in Niagara Falls. 🙂

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One step closer

Today we went to the passport office to renew my and my son’s passports. After, I had a million things to prepare for a tournament this weekend including a potluck which someone organized to take place at the hotel. Basically I was `out running errands most of the day today…🙁

In the middle of the running around, I received several panicky texts from my son. He doesn’t have a lunch. He doesn’t have any money. Can I drop by and give him money for lunch. He’s got school hockey, he’ll be at the rink.


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End of day balancing of books

Typically, when someone speaks of balancing the books, the meaning evokes a statement about finances, or economics. It’s an accounting term.

The other day, a friend used this phrase in a completely different context.

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Growth spurts

Today I took my boy to Costco to get his passport photo done. And mine, too. Both of us are due to renew…

It appears a trip to Switzerland is in the works. My girl child is pestering me to death, and my family in Europe had given us a standing invitation, so now I’m finally figuring out what dates would be suitable.

For that we need current passports, of course, which is why we were at Costco. They have good prices there. 🙂

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How a millennial describes her generation to a teacher

A Millennial student told a post-secondary professor an interesting comment the other day.

The topic was about the recent mid-term examinations. The exam was basically a multiple-choice test. For each question the prof assigned approximately 90 seconds to provide an answer.

The test was scheduled for one and a half hours.

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