Idle no more

Imagine a new day. A new week. A whole new year.

Even a new decade.

Does it mean something?

Well, the kids are back in school today… 🙄

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Attainable and unattainable life goals

Do you write resolutions for the New Year? Or do you have a bucket list?

I don’t have either. I don’t typically set goals or plan things beyond the immediate short-term requirements.

But I’ve been thinking about it.

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Writing without conforming (and a poll)

One thing I know about myself is that my personality, my character, even my physical appearance, doesn’t fit into a conventional mold.

I’m a very different entity in terms of societal expectations of how someone like me is supposed to be. I don’t fit the pattern of most middle-aged, teenage-parenting women of today, and frankly, I’m just fine with that.

It wasn’t always like that. I am like this now, or at least I’m learning how to be like this more, nowadays.

I have learned not to give a crap about most things over the years. Also, I’m parenting teens and this alone has reduced my patience for other people’s drama or unsolicited opinions dramatically. 🙃

I came to these realizations early this morning while reading a blog post from a romance author.

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Maintaining equilibrium at home during summer vacation

source: google search

That’s the word that comes to mind when I think of my state of mind during summer vacation so far.

Raising kids has that effect on a parent’s equilibrium, don’t you think? And the older they get, the more uncertain I get that my personal equilibrium remains intact.

The irony that I’m a Libra is not lost on me.

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