The struggle is (still) real

It’s interesting/annoying/exasperating just how much work it takes to be ‘in the background’ of family and parenting life.

Do you know what I mean by that?

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Hello from snowed-in Toronto.

You may or may not have noticed I have changed my first name out of all the apps I could think of…I got scammed, and I will blog about that later, when I get confirmation. I think what happened was someone is posing as a mom from the ‘hood – I’m in the process of verifying with another email address I have for her that she is not sending me that email (and requesting money)…

Anyway, stay tuned. I’m working on not quitting writing…but I have my hands full at the moment. Also, I will have to go shovel out the cars because…



Squeezing in writing during youth sports weekends

So this NaNoWriMo thing has been kind of unconventional for me.

To be clear: I’m writing, daily, but I’m not writing the memoir as I originally planned. I have my reasons – partly because I have to have oodles of uninterrupted time to go back to that childhood memory of me in the hospital, and live in it, if you know what I mean. I have to find that little girl voice and experience the experiences, so I can put them in words.

I can’t do that when I have to constantly go to the rink or cook dinner or answer questions or supervise chores or feed guinea pigs or go grocery shopping or argue with teenagers…


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Reaching out anyway – part 2

To read part 1 click here.

After I sent that DM in Instagram to a former classmate, I walked away from my phone.

The memory I had of an event in grade 11 art class had triggered something in me to want to reach out to this man, a boy I once knew for many years in school and who is now a famous musician, singer and guitarist.

I was really curious: did he remember that class as vividly as I did?

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Reaching out anyway – part 1

I know someone who is famous.

He is a musician, guitarist, singer…and I went to high school with him.

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Stupid things I have done I am not proud of

At the grocery store one time, I picked up an item and put it in the cart. At the next aisle, I changed my mind about the item and put it on the shelf in the wrong aisle where it does not belong. So if you see a jar of Nutella among the olive oil bottles, you’ll know it was me who shopped there earlier.

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3 things that make me grumpy and 1 that doesn’t

I hurt my back last week somehow and have been unable to run. I’m grumpy about that because it was sorta kinda finally coming together…but it can’t be helped. I’m hoping by next week all is back to normal. 😐

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Never a dull moment: life with teenagers


14yo teen boy comes home and says: “Mom how do you get paint off my backpack?”

So, like all parents of teenagers, the first response that pops into my head is a question, or rather, several questions:

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