Uninspired in the kitchen: flourless peanut butter cookies

Lately I have not felt very creative in the kitchen. Cooking has been more of a ‘they gotta eat before activity’ than ‘let’s try this out, it looks fun to make’. Baking is on the back-burner anyway what with all the sweets in the house from Easter still. Beside, I have a kid who likes to bake, so usually I pawn that off on her…

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Lost stuff

Ever wonder how much time we waste looking for lost or misplaced stuff? I bet it’s a lot of time. And I’m just talking about my own stuff, not even the rest of the family…

Just today, like every day, I misplaced my reading glasses countless times. Continue reading

The couch, and big kid messes

When the kids are small, there is a general acceptance that you will drown in plastic toys. You try to order and organize things, and eventually you give up by admitting justifying that ‘at least they’re creative’ and ‘at least they’re playing with their stuff’.

It all has its time and place, so to speak. We all move beyond the mountain of toys, eventually. Continue reading

A summer evening adventure involving lost children and city wildlife

Last night we had an unplanned, somewhat freaky adventure.

After dinner, we I decided that a walk down to the lake might be a nice way to end the day. The kids would have preferred to plug in, but they started a pillow fight so I kicked everyone out to burn off some excess energy and enjoy the less humid evening air.

We walked to the park which has a huge field to the right of the path. They brought along a ball, so I let them play a bit of soccer and continued strolling along the path that turned left toward the lake.

local park in the 'hood

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Horrible, terrible, no good school day that wasn’t horrible after all

Here in North America, there’s a book many parents have read to their preschoolers about a horrible day. It’s called “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” by Judith Viorst.

Some people don’t like this book. (I do.)

Along the lines of a similar theme, there’s the Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle.

Both of these books deal with bad moods in a unique way.

These titles are what I thought of the other day when my son jumped off the bus and announced, again, that his day was horrible. Continue reading

Stupid, stupide…the bilingual kid and his use of words

A funny thing happened with my extended French 5th grader.

The usual complaining about homework (of which he has very little) resulted in shoddy work that was illegible (to me) and unacceptable (to me) because that’s just the kind of mom I am.  So I made him re-write it.

He was unimpressed.

I left him to it.

Later, much later, I picked up the sheet he was working on. That’s when I noticed just how proud I am of that kid.

He re-did the work somewhat acceptably (slightly neater).  But to add some effect and to emphasize his annoyance (with the homework, we me, with the entire public school system), he bordered the entire page with insults.

FRENCH insults.

He wrote all the insulting words in French.


The case for the Bento Box style school lunch

Lunch, like homework, is such a preoccupation for today’s parents of school-aged children, it’s like a second job. Or, I mean, third job what with homework policing already taking up the second job category…

But I will say this. I DEFEND the bento box.

Now, having said that, I don’t mean the cutsie, colour-coordinated, pinnable bento boxes that are all over the web. I certainly don’t cut food into animal shapes, or purchase a lot of fancy (aka expensive) containers that will just get stolen or lost or crushed or thrown out.

bento box lunch

source: google search in images ‘bento box lunch’

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