Hump day drivel

Listen. I’m sick of living in this country. The weather sucks here in my corner of 🇨🇦. It’s May 1st for effs sake and we have rain, cold, grey skies and no sign of spring. This has been going on after a BRUTAL, long winter. I’m Fed.Up. So don’t expect some Happy Happy Joy Joy from me in this blog today…

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This is a tricky word, trust. Don’t you think?

Trust is defined as a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. (Wiki)

Trust is something you earn, I think. Not something you give away freely, although that does happen, often. People will trust, sometimes blindly, until that trust is broken.

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Hibernation is impractical, and phone alerts are loud

It appears my plans to hibernate until April are not practical.

There’s the dog living here and another one needs walking and the family wants to go to the Auto show and a kid has a practice tonight and a game in Niagara Falls tomorrow and, and, and…

Ok fine, I’ll get up and make coffee.

This morning I was irritated by an alert that came in on my phone. Here’s what happens in Canada:

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Brain rot

Over the last few weeks, I have spent time outside of WordPress to look for fresh, new content. I dabbled in a few social media apps mostly, but also went on some other blog platforms.

Here’s what I found:

Very little quality content.

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Just Do It

This morning I’m mentally and emotionally preparing myself for the inevitable.

I’ve been prepping my brain all weekend in between trips to outdoor and indoor rinks, as well as ‘wet’ rinks (pools) 🙃 to accept the fact that Monday will be the day to make it happen.

It has to happen today. No matter what.

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The complicated attempts of navigating social tween-aged kids

The other night, the mom of a boy in my daughter’s class reminded me that Friday is a PA day. No school.

Didn’t we just have a long break from school? 🎄

Argh. 🙄

The reason she and I were texting was because our children, along with some others, arranged a movie at a cinema amongst themselves for Friday evening. All the details were ironed out at school and via texts with each other. It was all finalized.

Until they realized maybe they should ask parents for permission. And also they will need a ride. And money. 🙃

Have you ever had to navigate the social life of a bunch of tweens?

OMG. 😁

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The intrigue of blogging – part 2

This post is part of a series.

Last week I mentioned how I stumbled on a new blog via Rachel who mentioned a blogger who wrote his 1000th post about what he learned while blogging himself. I picked out a few points from his list and commented with my own perspective. You can read last week’s post here.

This week, the following points stood out to me from James’s list, and here is my view on them:

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We blog to share, but how much do we edit?

You know us bloggers are a special breed, right? Here we are, sharing our lives with each other, forming communities, liking and commenting on diverse topics and thereby broadening our perspectives regularly.

We are writers, all of us. But whether we admit it or not, we are also editors.

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Sunday parenting: rinks, laundry, food and homework

To read the first chapter of my memoir click here. Comments are welcome and encouraged, don’t be shy! 🙂  3 minute read

* * *

Sunday was basically a write-off.

While I stayed home to allow my girl to complete some homework, the boys left to play in the semi-final of their hockey tournament. Rather early, after a long day that delayed them right past 10pm the night before…(but they tied both games on Saturday, after winning two on Friday).

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