High points, low points

The high point today was knowing boot camp was on. Today is my third time going to the church basement and exercising with other moms.

The low point was that I woke up at 4:30 am with a headache coming from my neck and shoulder area.

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About jump rope and laundry

So. About boot camp… 😶

After Tuesday’s chocolate gorging, I went to check out the local exercise class in the church basement on Wednesday morning.

Well, the good news is, I’m still alive. 😂

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You can’t go wrong with water

The majority of us are dehydrated.

Especially the excessive moderate coffee/tea/wine/beer/cocktail drinkers among us.

We are not drinking enough water and I can prove it. Read this short article and tell me it doesn’t make you think!

The gist:

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How to talk yourself into going for a couch25k run

Step1: Post this picture to instagram.

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When things set you off

Sometimes you just gotta type out your frustrations…am I right?

In my defense, the PMS gods are striking so that’s my excuse. 😇

Anyway, this is what has got my panties in a knot last few days:

(You’re welcome)

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