How to cook the food you hoarded

Q1: What does one cook for a family who is partially bored of staying in and socially distanced from their friends?

A1: I have some ideas…stay tuned. (It’s only been a few days here in Toronto, but it’s been much longer in other places and the internet educates us with their plight, creativity and humour.)

Q2: Who fights off boredom with incessant snacking and questions about what’s there to eat?

A2: Teenagers. They’re a hungry bunch. Bored teenagers are even hungrier. (And we’re only on day 3 of the social isolation…)

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Reaching out anyway – part 3

As some of you know, I went to school with a boy who became a famous, and internationally known musician, singer, guitar player.


Since discovering him on social media and following him along, I have reminisced about an art class we both took in grade 11. I wanted to know if he, too, remembers that particular class. In part 1 of this story I wrote about how we met.

Later, I decided to reach out to him to ask him about that class. I wasn’t really expecting a response. I figured he was busy and famous and that he probably employs PR people to run his social media account. But I sent him a DM in Instagram anyway. Part 2 of this story tells you what happened next.

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DIY haircut

Yesterday I gave my tween a haircut.

Actually, first I called the salon in our village-like neighbourhood to see if they could squeeze her in. That was on Saturday.

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Reaching out anyway – part 2

To read part 1 click here.

After I sent that DM in Instagram to a former classmate, I walked away from my phone.

The memory I had of an event in grade 11 art class had triggered something in me to want to reach out to this man, a boy I once knew for many years in school and who is now a famous musician, singer and guitarist.

I was really curious: did he remember that class as vividly as I did?

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Reaching out anyway – part 1

I know someone who is famous.

He is a musician, guitarist, singer…and I went to high school with him.

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What did you wear in your 1980s highschool days?

Addressing all GenXers:

I want to know what you wore when you were in highschool during the 80s. (This is for research purposes for a piece I’m writing.)

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Emerging from mid-life invisibility

Years ago something apparently insignificant happened to me. Since I’ve been thinking about it on and off for years, perhaps it wasn’t so insignificant after all.

I have some thoughts.

I am, after all, a writer and this is a blog and I like to hurl words about my thoughts out into the internet. 🙂

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The power ballad that entered my head

I think many of you know I’m a GenXer. I was influenced by 80s music and all that. I listen to radio stations in the car that play 80s music, and I have a list in my Spotify account with mostly 80s music.

Just the other day, a song popped up that hasn’t been played in forever. I forgot about this song even though it was played a million times when I was in school.

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Music, spotify and random thoughts

Recently, Bryan Adams gave a concert in a town not far from Toronto. The radio stations have been playing his songs all the time lately, sometimes two an hour.  With that, I traveled down memory lane to my high school days when he was up and coming and very popular (here in Canada).

Cuts like a Knife
Summer of ’69
Run to You
One Night Love Affair

I created a playlist in Spotify so I can listen to him at will (or until I’ve had enough.)  🙂

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