Fresh summer herbs: frozen basil ice cubes

My basil is exploding.

I’ve been harvesting and eating it in salads and on pizza and things, and we’ve even started snipping some on top of fresh pasta or other cooked dishes. But there is so much of it! YUM! Continue reading


Cooking, chopping, tossing: when the family helps in the kitchen

I’m hungry just thinking about this post.

Lately I have had a heck of a time following a low carb diet. I really have no excuse, the greens in the garden are exploding at the moment. What a great way to enhance boring old salads.

Curly parsley, taragon, the big fat green leaves are arugula, chives, flat leaf parsley and fresh dill.

I snip them into green salads, tuna or salmon salads, pasta dishes, pasta salads, soups, and grain salads.

Missing and still to be planted: various types of basil (sweet, greek and thai are my favorite), summer savory (I have winter), sages (multi-coloured), and chervil which goes great with eggs and fish dishes. Continue reading

Thursday musings

Good morning.

I’m a little less annoyed today. 🙂 Partly because I started another blog post on that topic, but I won’t be posting it today. Maybe next week. I found typing out my annoyances helps me to let them go, especially because the focus is on the antidote (the positive reaction), so I’ll keep that up. Maybe make it a series. Who’s in? Continue reading

First week of summer: dirt, trenches, and plenty of wildlife

For the first week of summer vacation, we’ve been waterproofing the foundation of the house. But that’s not all. We’ve also had a plethora of wildlife adventures to keep us distracted, as well.

One of our veggie patch thieves, a little groundhog baby, suffered some sort of head trauma and we had to catch it in a bucket and call Animal Services. The big fat momma and the twin sibling seem to have disappeared, probably because of the waterproofers. When the remaining ‘hog baby got injured (I think, or maybe sick with distemper), it must have gone back to his birthplace (my neighbour’s shed) to seek comfort. Except, he found himself abandoned and alone. It was my daughter who saw him first, and I managed to catch him the next day with the use of a broom. Poor thing is probably not going to survive…

groundhog baby Continue reading