Finally… (warning: rant ahead)

My dog walking is back. Seems the city is learning how to deal with winter and schools are open and everyone is expected to go to work or do grocery shopping or whatever it is that people do with their day so I got called back to my duties as dog walker extraordinaire. Because the dogs’ humans are back at work.

Wanna know something?

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Cold walk along the frozen shores

This Saturday morning was freezing out, but sunny with no wind. Perfect for a nice, long dog walk.

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Mood lift during the February blahs

During the first few months of the new year, the north-eastern part of North America are immersed in a cold, dark existence that sometimes seems hard to face each and every day.  A lot of things appear uninspiring and depressing. Fresh food is imported or greenhouse grown, a lot of people are sick with flu or strep, traffic is worse due to weather slowing us down…you know all that.

But instead of dwelling on the crappy-ness that is February up here in our time zone, let’s inspire each other with things that will help life our moods.

What inspires you during the dreary February months?

Let’s play!

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