Urban living: high density neighborhoods and noise

You know when you’re in a good mood and then a bunch of stuff happens and you suddenly feel like you need to withdraw, go someplace to be alone, recharge?

I went outside to hang the laundry when my mood changed. Flipped like a light switch from pleasantly content to irked and beyond. Had to get away from clutter and stuff and laundry baskets and crumbs and soccer on tv or else I was going to get into one of my rants.

Hanging laundry next to the guinea pig pen, and the birdhouse, and my flowers in my raised herb garden bed was going to be my calming action.

It did not help. Even though hanging laundry is a form of low impact exercise, which is supposed to be good for you. Right? Stretch to hang it up, bend down to pick it up, move a few steps this way, then that way…

It wasn’t calming.

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Mood changes: from pleasant to annoyed

Today, I’m annoyed.

This didn’t happen immediately upon waking up, nor did I expect to feel annoyed later. We actually had a fantastic weekend, and I had a good sleep, woke up in a pleasant mood, had coffee while everyone else slept in, and bonus: the outdoor public pool was open and lessons a go. It had maintenance issues most of last week, cancelling lessons and swim club twice, which annoyed me then.

But not this morning. This morning I was in a happy mood.

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Interpreting punctuality: what is on time, and what is late? (Part I)

If someone tells me a class, an appointment or an event begins at 9 am, I am going to make every effort to arrive at the destination at least ten minutes before 9 am.

This is what punctual means to me.

Likewise, if I was told to hand in a school assignment on Tuesday the 22nd, and my class for which the assignment was for is scheduled from 2-3 pm, I would have my assignment ready to be handed in on Tuesday the 22nd at 2 pm.

Not email it to the teacher five minutes to midnight on Tuesday the 22nd.

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Traveling with kids: packing for sport tournaments

As you may have gathered by the header image of my blog,  we are a sports family. It’s summer time, and this means baseball!

What does it mean to be a sport family? Well, one thing sports families do is they go on tournaments. Both local and away tournaments require traveling, which by default means packing.

Although I like traveling, I am not a fan of packing stuff. Especially for a family trip…

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Random acts of kindness: when strangers suddenly talk to you

I was feeling down and blah when I went shopping at Winners. The boy child needs sports shirts, he only has two that fit and they’re in the wash. I thought, today is as good a day as any, so I took my depressed state to the store.

I stopped at Walmart first. I hate Walmart but they have boy clothes that are affordable. Nothing appropriate was found so I left, happily, with a slight spring in my step. Na na I didn’t spend money in your store today… Continue reading