More on Instragram: creepy followers

I joined Instragram a month ago in order to keep a closer eye on the kids while they play on various apps. You can read the post here. This is a follow up post on my experience so far.

* * *

There are weird men following me on Instagram.

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Don’t laugh

And if you do, at least laugh WITH me, not AT me.

* * *

This is what happened to me when I was left home alone, of my own free will, while the family went camping.

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You’re the only mom who doesn’t allow…

This is an actual statement that was made to me this past week:

You’re the only mom who doesn’t allow video games during the school week.

Honestly, I find this hard to believe.

Then again, maybe not…?

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Texting kids and the current social climate

Everyone knows that siblings bicker, fight, and argue, right? Sometimes they insult each other, too. I happen to have a boy and a girl so I’m privy of this little irritation especially during the winding down of something – approaching a break, a change in grade or sports, some major event.

Bottom line is they love each other fiercely even if they call each other idiots* and morons* twenty times a day.

Right? 🙄


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