Rage, cleaning and crying

Today, I was drowning.


This is a typical occurrence in January with this family in this house.

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Irksomeness, and then a pleasant surprise

Many irksome things are happening in my world today. Heck, the whole week has been a big fat write-off if you ask me. Can’t be the weekend soon enough.

Oh wait. Weekends aren’t exactly a break, either.


I could share my issues here for the internet to see, or I can take a lesson of mindful thinking, focusing on the positives. Not the easiest thing in the world to do, what with all the negative self-talk happening inside my head. My brain at this time of year is full of clutter and debris, and it takes real focus to stay on track.

But some developments have had a positive vibe. Not all is lost in hopelessness and stress, just yet.

For instance, the new couch is coming! Soon, I think, maybe next week. And summer vacation is just a couple of weeks away! No More Lunches! And the garage renovation is about to begin…oh wait. That part is the irksomeness I’m trying to forget about for a few hours…

Then a strange thing happened to me, which made me uncover a fantastic and very pleasant surprise.

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