Another day, another meal: cooking dinner for sporty kids

The house league baseball boys were in dead last place most of the season.

Somehow, they turned it around, and on Friday night they went to finals.

They will either win the championship, or come in second place.


Before my teen had to leave for the diamond that day, he needed a sustaining and filling meal.

So, I cooked. 😮😉😁

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Shopping with lunatics

Question of the day:

Do I attract lunatics?

This is a rhetorical question.

It appears that I cannot leave the house without stuff happening to me. Is is something I do that turns every shopping trip into an unwanted adventure? Continue reading

Customer service, banks and the little old lady with lumps in her beverage

I have just had a horrible experience with an online banking institution that begs for a tiny bit less rigidity when it comes to the very strictly enforced ‘anti-fraud’ systems put in place by financial institutions.

I often think, how do people who don’t have internet, or who have trouble hearing on the phone, handle so many things these days that require both internet savvy and adequate hearing? Continue reading