Squeezing in writing during youth sports weekends

So this NaNoWriMo thing has been kind of unconventional for me.

To be clear: I’m writing, daily, but I’m not writing the memoir as I originally planned. I have my reasons – partly because I have to have oodles of uninterrupted time to go back to that childhood memory of me in the hospital, and live in it, if you know what I mean. I have to find that little girl voice and experience the experiences, so I can put them in words.

I can’t do that when I have to constantly go to the rink or cook dinner or answer questions or supervise chores or feed guinea pigs or go grocery shopping or argue with teenagers…


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Typical morning routine of a NaNoWriMo writer

Writing for National Novel Writing Month has had a bit of a rocky start. But, like many parents around the world, weekends belong to youth sports, so there’s that.

Still, since November 1, I have managed to churn out a small amount of the anticipated 50k total expected by the end of the month: alas, only about 2000 words so far. None of them for the memoir though – I’m working on a different story.

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Ramble during office hours: contest writing

Good morning from my *office* on the living room couch. 🙂

I have declared, starting today, that every weekday morning from 9 to 11:30 am are my official office hours.

This will be the designated time I write my words.

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Just a little wallowing…

As I sit here wallowing in self-pity, I tell myself: it’s temporary.

These depressions I get are a pain in the ass. I have nothing but first world problems.

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How do writers capture, and maintain, their readers interests?

I read a lot. I suppose most of us who write, or like to write, do the same.

Here’s a thought about that:

Not all reading material we pick up we end up enjoying.

Am I right?

I have come across quite a few blog posts in recent days on this topic. It preoccupies me, but not in the way you might expect. There are always more books you can get your hands on, more reading material. These days, fresh topics are literally within reach of the palm of your hand. A click away.

But does this mean you always enjoy reading what you picked? People like Deb and LA talk about this in their blogs, as do many others.

I think about reading in conjunction with writing. Often, reading something is what inspires me to write something.

But I want to dig a little deeper:

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Hump day drivel

Listen. I’m sick of living in this country. The weather sucks here in my corner of 🇨🇦. It’s May 1st for effs sake and we have rain, cold, grey skies and no sign of spring. This has been going on after a BRUTAL, long winter. I’m Fed.Up. So don’t expect some Happy Happy Joy Joy from me in this blog today…

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Writing without conforming (and a poll)

One thing I know about myself is that my personality, my character, even my physical appearance, doesn’t fit into a conventional mold.

I’m a very different entity in terms of societal expectations of how someone like me is supposed to be. I don’t fit the pattern of most middle-aged, teenage-parenting women of today, and frankly, I’m just fine with that.

It wasn’t always like that. I am like this now, or at least I’m learning how to be like this more, nowadays.

I have learned not to give a crap about most things over the years. Also, I’m parenting teens and this alone has reduced my patience for other people’s drama or unsolicited opinions dramatically. 🙃

I came to these realizations early this morning while reading a blog post from a romance author.

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Writing when familial distractions abound

Do you want to know how hard it is to write when there are endless familial distractions around you?

Especially if you’re trying to write romantic, sexy scenes?

Maybe writing romantic fiction isn’t in the cards for me after all. 🙄

Picture it:

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