A night out, some drama, and a lot of coffee the next day

Yesterday we went out for dinner in the city’s east end. I even put on high (er) heeled shoes and earrings. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Insomnia and early morning mishaps

Early this morning I had insomnia. Either that, or I was done sleeping by 4 am. I was in bed before 10pm last night and did some reading, so maybe I was rested enough to get up…?

Who knows. All I know is I couldn’t fall back asleep.

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Kids sport tournaments

The annual ringette tournament is coming up this weekend, and my girl and I get to go on our own this year. The boys are in quarter finals hockey,ย  so their availability to join us looks sketchy.

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Monitoring beverages

As I get older, my ability to drink beverages and then go out someplace that does not have a loo nearby is getting more challenging with every passing year.ย  So, longer dog walks, parks and playgrounds, even some baseball diamonds are out (unless they’re newer and have these facilities on the premises, which here in Toronto is not always the case).

Hiding in bushes is neither convenient (it’s February, all the branches are bare), nor desirable (I’m not a kid, or a man…)ย ๐Ÿ™„

Coffee, tea and water are the worst culprits.ย 

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Ode to coffee

Rarely have I looked forward to my third and final cup of coffee as much as I did today!


My coffee ritual in the morning is pretty much the exact same way every single day. The only time it isn’t is if I’m sick. But even if I’m sick, I still have to get up and get them out of the house so coffee often is still part of the routine. The coffee just doesn’t taste the same, butย the infusion of caffeine seems just as necessary despite the illness.

But my regular, normal coffee routine, that is my bliss.

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