I’ve been limping through most of May.

Not physically,  you understand. I didn’t hurt my leg or sprain my ankle. I’m fine.

I’m simply limping toward the end of school. You know what I mean, right? Continue reading


Ward off afternoon fatigue with a 60-second protein breakfast

There were days when the kids were in the early grades of school where I could barely make it to pick-up time. The exhaustion I felt, which in turn made me crave sugar, which in turn made me crash more, was one of the most unpleasant aspects of parenting young school-aged children, and I do not ever want to return to those days.

All I wanted was some chocolate to pick me up. Chocolate tasted great but it made me feel worse. And sleepy. And grumpy. So I would reach for a cookie (more sugar) and within a few minutes the same thing happened again.

I was always tired.

My doctor said: do you get enough protein? Continue reading