Special treat: sweet, sugary breakfast foods

It’s still March Break here, so our mornings have been leisurely and relaxed. I decided to make French toast for breakfast the other day.

French toast, full of eggs, milk, cinnamon-sugar and maple syrup, is not a standard breakfast food for us. Neither are pancakes. We all tend to feel a fatigue-ish slump halfway through our day if we consume sugary or highly processed products first thing in the morning. So muffins, pastry, or sweetened cereals are usually out. No pancakes or French toast on school mornings, either.

But during March break, no one gets up early. We lounge around in pjs, have coffee and watch cartoons. Continue reading



I’ve been limping through most of May.

Not physically,  you understand. I didn’t hurt my leg or sprain my ankle. I’m fine.

I’m simply limping toward the end of school. You know what I mean, right? Continue reading

Ward off afternoon fatigue with a 60-second protein breakfast

There were days when the kids were in the early grades of school where I could barely make it to pick-up time. The exhaustion I felt, which in turn made me crave sugar, which in turn made me crash more, was one of the most unpleasant aspects of parenting young school-aged children, and I do not ever want to return to those days.

All I wanted was some chocolate to pick me up. Chocolate tasted great but it made me feel worse. And sleepy. And grumpy. So I would reach for a cookie (more sugar) and within a few minutes the same thing happened again.

I was always tired.

My doctor said: do you get enough protein? Continue reading