Less parenting? Sign me up.

Girl children are so amazing, you know that? My kid amazes me.

So she’s supposed to bake cookies for Valentine’s Day to fundraise for something, but some idiotic rule that baking at home at teacher’s request is *unsafe* has the kids planning a baking event at school, instead.

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The moose (cake) that looks like an owl with rabbit ears

Given how much I had to do to get this cake figured out on behalf of little Miss Slime-Maker (aka too busy to bake), the cake turned out looking a little…

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Uninspired in the kitchen: flourless peanut butter cookies

Lately I have not felt very creative in the kitchen. Cooking has been more of a ‘they gotta eat before activity’ than ‘let’s try this out, it looks fun to make’. Baking is on the back-burner anyway what with all the sweets in the house from Easter still. Beside, I have a kid who likes to bake, so usually I pawn that off on her…


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Burnt cookies, anyone?

I get engrossed in reading my twitter feed. Or the google news feed. And then I forget I have cookies in the oven and burn them.

This is not good. Time to take a break. I’m going to continue reading, mind you, but maybe not the news anymore. For a while. Because really, it’s all just so depressing.

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Healthy baking with chia seeds

I think some of my family is dabbling in vegan recipes.

My sister for example is a great cook and very nutritiously aware. Her daughter, my niece, has a serious egg allergy so there had to be a lot of inventive cooking right from the get go. Today, as a teen, my niece is managing nicely and that’s a credit to her mom’s adventurous abilities in the kitchen. Sometimes I see photos of interesting recipes she creates and posts on social media, and I make a mental note to try some of them. She likes using sweet potatoes or coconut or chia seeds…

Did you know that chia seeds can be used as an egg substitute?

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12 minutes

Depending on your point of view, 12 minutes can be a long time, or a short time.

For instance, if you’re cooking and following a recipe and it tells you that the food should cook/steam/boil/roast for 12 minutes, you can probably adjust this a little. Spaghetti sauce, soup or stew has never tasted worse when cooked for longer than 12 minutes, is what I’m saying (and no, I don’t recall a recipe actually saying you should cook sauce for 12 minutes….but just bear with me here for a sec).

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