What they don’t tell you when you’re pregnant

Twitter is full of funny tweets about this topic…and it’s so true, isn’t it. You concern yourself with things when you’re pregnant, or a first time parent, that seems so foreign to you later when you’re eyeball deep in youth sports and high school applications and tween drama and all the rest of it. Continue reading


Acknowledging aging with focus on pain management and prevention

There is talk that my continuous on and off again immobility in my neck and shoulder area could be due some sort of degenerative disc condition.

That’s what my partner says. He thinks I should get an X-ray to make sure. Find out one way or the other, get a diagnosis, and some sort of prevention details or treatment. Because frankly, this condition has been affecting my mobility every few months, and it’s getting quite tiresome.

So I guess I’ll go see my doctor and ask for some imaging. Continue reading

Monitoring beverages

As I get older, my ability to drink beverages and then go out someplace that does not have a loo nearby is getting more challenging with every passing year.ย  So, longer dog walks, parks and playgrounds, even some baseball diamonds are out (unless they’re newer and have these facilities on the premises, which here in Toronto is not always the case).

Hiding in bushes is neither convenient (it’s February, all the branches are bare), nor desirable (I’m not a kid, or a man…)ย ๐Ÿ™„

Coffee, tea and water are the worst culprits.ย  Continue reading

Aging, forgetfulness, and a potentially flooded kitchen

At some point in your life you begin to notice that there are more health stories seeping into daily conversations than when you were young and free (aka pre-children-spouses-mortgages-activities).ย Everyone knows someone with an illness, a condition or some other health-related circumstance that has affected their life in ways that often seems disruptive and worrisome.

We’re all getting older.

I first noticed this a few years ago when my mom was still taking yearly trips to visit her aging mom in Switzerland. Continue reading