School is stressful at times. Sometimes, kids have anxiety. Balancing it all out is not for the weak here…I wrote quite a bit about kids and elementary school in this blog. Some of it still pertains today, especially the homework side of things. šŸ™‚

End of school year woes
Limping toward the summer vacation finish-line

Homework anxiety after school absence
Returning to school after a lengthy illness…

Combating the lack of urgency to get to school on time
How does one get those kids out of the house on time?

Public education: not a rant but an invitation to chime in
Kids and google in and out of school

Homework and the elusive bristle board
Last minute homework panic

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More anxiety about school and homework

Mom I forgot to mention
Those dreaded words…

Homework sanity saver: colourful markers
Sometimes the answer is markers