Coming Soon

Trying my hand at something I have no experience and no business doing.

Doing it anyway.

As an utterly unromantic person, I am trying my hand at romantic fiction. Who knows where it will lead me… 😮

* * *

I have written two stories so far.

The first one is very personal, compelling (to me) and has me returning to it every once in a while. I add, subtract, embellish to my heart’s content. It has, in my view, good forward propulsion but the story is incomplete and I am unable to continue it at the moment. I will likely not share this story on this blog, and perhaps not share it at all.

In the meantime, I’m unable to stop writing, so I created a second story which is less…potent, and thereby easier to share. The story of Samantha and Bryan is not as deeply developed and probably has many errors, in character development as well as plot. But it kept me typing which is the point of this exercise.

I will let you know when I post the first chapter.