Posts about kids and electronics, school and sports.

Kids and electronics

Parenting screenagers in the age of fortnite, minecraft, texting, PS4, Xbox, smartphones, laptops, tablets and wifi.

All things internet
Family dialogue about all things internet

Fortnite has taken over the teenager.
Fortnite: mom rules and teens

Now mom has to play fortnite…
Don’t laugh

Rules about when to play video games, and how much.
You’re the only mom who doesn’t allow…

Mobile phones and kids, a personal experience
Texting kids and the current social climate

Kids and school

School is stressful at times. Sometimes, kids have anxiety. Balancing it all out is not for the weak here…I wrote quite a bit about kids and elementary school in this blog. Some of it still pertains today, especially the homework side of things. 🙂

What it was like when Grandma was in Kindergarten…
Unschooling then and now

End of school year woes
Limping toward the summer vacation finish-line

Homework anxiety after school absence
Returning to school after a lengthy illness…

Combating the lack of urgency to get to school on time
How does one get those kids out of the house on time?

Public education: not a rant but an invitation to chime in
Kids and google in and out of school

Homework and the elusive bristle board
Last minute homework panic

Homework stress and the sensory box
More anxiety about school and homework

Mom I forgot to mention
Those dreaded words…

Homework sanity saver: colourful markers
Sometimes the answer is markers

Kids in sports

Got kids in sports? Then this page is for you.

Traveling with kids: parking for sport tournaments
Tournaments are always an adventure.

Typical sport family Saturday and a new meal-time term
For once, we get to sleep in, but they still gotta eat before heading to a game…

Sports family parenting: hockey and traffic
No one ever said it was easy to get to the rink on time…

Price mark up at the snack bar
You may have to sell an organ to be able to afford the junk at the snack bar

Internal dialogue of a dispirited hockey mom

Traffic and hockey and parenting oh my
Even seasoned hockey-moms like me get lost on the way to the rink, sometimes…

About oversleeping, hockey practice and alarm-clocks
Perhaps it’s time to teach the hockey playing kid to wake himself up in time for practice

I’m no amateur hockey mom but then this happened
Freezing to death at the rink

Collision course end of summer beginning of hockey and back-to-school
It. Never. Ends.

When hockey season ends
It does come to an end, if only temporarily…

Youth sports and scheduling
Just trying to stay on top of it, and failing

Sports parenting between seasons: aka growing roots into the couch
End of baseball season means beginning of hockey season

Sports parenting: chaos, dirt laundry and a whole lot of yelling
Meeting and greeting in driveways, and a last minute scheduling change

Kids activities: conflicts, schedules and drama
Explaining sports schedules to family members