End of school year woes

The other day I read some funny tweets from American parents who appear to already be in summer vacation (i.e. school vacation). I believe some States head back to school in August, and the deep South is known to be hot and humid for way longer than us up here by the border, which is probably why they’re already out of school now, at the end of May.

Nonetheless I am anxiously and hopefully anticipating the end of school here, so very much. Still gotta go till the end of June… Continue reading


All in the family: forgetful mom and teen

Some days I feel like I can’t remember the most basic thing. I’m not talking about the endless looking for my reading glasses, leaving grocery lists at home, or keeping the kids schedule straight somehow. They invented apps for that, and mobile phones.

I’m talking about feeling so out of touch, frazzled, or exhausted that I have to pause momentarily to remember which side is left. Or to turn the stove off before leaving the house. Which incidentally happened to me last week, ironically because it was my teen who forgot something and asked me to bring it to school at lunch.

I got his text after my first bite of lunch, with some of the lunch still in the pan on the stove. I realize I didn’t have to do this for him, but I chose to. Forgetting to turn the stove off was not part of my plan, however… Continue reading

Random acts of kindness: when strangers suddenly talk to you

I was feeling down and blah when I went shopping at Winners. The boy child needs sports shirts, he only has two that fit and they’re in the wash. I thought, today is as good a day as any, so I took my depressed state to the store.

I stopped at Walmart first. I hate Walmart but they have boy clothes that are affordable. Nothing appropriate was found so I left, happily, with a slight spring in my step. Na na I didn’t spend money in your store today… Continue reading

Why do we blog? On fear, inspiration and writer’s block

I’ve noticed while reading other blogs that one of the persistent worries people have is that they don’t have anything exciting to write about.

Often times I see phrases like ‘my life is boring, routine and not interesting’, or variations of that.

Well, I think we all get sucked into that mentality, don’t we? For the most part, life is pretty routine, for all of us.

So why is it that some people find things to write about daily and maintain interest in their readership, while others struggle to come up with something they consider interesting enough to write/blog about and share with the internet? Continue reading

Annoyed much? How to cure your bad mood, part 2

It appears that typing out stuff that’s annoying does several things: it entertains you, it ignites conversation and dialogue, and it helps me to let it go.

So let’s continue from my first post about annoyance…what annoys me these days? Tell me, does this stuff annoy you, too?

But this isn’t an invitation to just list your grievances. You must come up with an antidote to counter the annoyance. The whole point is to let go of negativity, and feeling annoyed all day does not make for a positive, happy outlook. Continue reading

Blood but no band-aid? You need a first aid kit

The other day I had an accident at the ballpark where one of my kids was umping.

homemade first aid kits

Yes it was me the accident happened to, not a kid. I was merely chauffeuring my kid to his job, and I managed to hurt myself there. Sometimes, accidents happen to sports moms, too.

Allow me to explain, with a bit of a backstory first: Continue reading

Thursday musings

Good morning.

I’m a little less annoyed today. 🙂 Partly because I started another blog post on that topic, but I won’t be posting it today. Maybe next week. I found typing out my annoyances helps me to let them go, especially because the focus is on the antidote (the positive reaction), so I’ll keep that up. Maybe make it a series. Who’s in? Continue reading