So far, instead of writing, I 

  • Ate some oatmeal buns dough
  • Ate 2 packs of Halloween peanut M&Ms I took out of the kids’ stash
  • Ate leftover rice casserole 
  • Stared at the laundry basket on the ottoman in front of the tv
  • Ignored the 6 other laundry baskets downstairs
  • Walked past the 4 bins and 2 bags parked by the still closed ceiling door leading to the attic where the bins should go
  • Read some blogs and commented or liked
  • Watched 2 cooking shows
  • Searched for #CollegeStrike news
  • Watched a union president speak at a rally to a reporter
  • Smashed the dough of my oatmeal buns on the counter and beat the crap out of it
  • Hurt my shoulder in doing that
  • Placed the buns in the oven for a second rise
  • Took some Ibuprofen
  • Heated up the beanbag in the microwave and placed it on my neck
  • Read Twitter
  • Wrote this post.



    #NaBloPoMo – Division of labour

    I wrote this post to publish on Sunday, November 5, as part of my commitment to publish a post every day in the month of November. My app wasn’t working properly while out of the house all day, so I am posting the Sunday post on Monday.


    There are things that preoccupy me that don’t seem to even register on the other household members.

    Things like clothing. Their clothing. Continue Reading

    #AmWritingInNovemberDay3: the wrong way to text

    When I have multiple texts going on my phone, the display shows the name of the person texting on the left, and the first line of the actual text on the right.

    To see the whole text, I need to click it and open it up.

    I think that’s pretty standard for most phones.

    So imagine how I felt when my partner texted me a few days ago and I saw this:

    Him: had a car accident today

    Continue Reading

    #AmWritingInNovemberDay2: will they eat it?

    I am shamelessly stealing the ‘will they eat it’ idea from Andrea here because 1) it’s a great idea for a blog post and 2) who doesn’t constantly think and worry about dinner? And what’s more, is the effort of making dinner going to be appreciated, and actually eaten, by the minions in your house?


    Yesterday’s dilemma was this: Continue Reading