My boyfriend is back…

And you’re gonna be in trouble…

Wasn’t that a song at one time? lol

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Bullet points ramble

  • There is no food in this house and my grocery list in my bag is ripped and smudged, thereby illegible and my excuse for not going shopping.

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Emerging from the comfort zone: part 2

This post is part of a series. You can read part 1 here.

The other day was the Super Bowl in America. This is probably the only time I watch American Football up here in my little corner of southern Canada. Not so much for the sport, but for all the hoopla. You know, the commercials (fun), the halftime show (meh), the ridiculous amount of fan fare over some players (ugh)… it’s entertaining to me.

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Emerging from the comfort zone: part 1


I live in constant, crippling fear of the what ifs. Do you know this about me?

Some people do.

Here’s the thing.

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Less parenting? Sign me up.

Girl children are so amazing, you know that? My kid amazes me.

So she’s supposed to bake cookies for Valentine’s Day to fundraise for something, but some idiotic rule that baking at home at teacher’s request is *unsafe* has the kids planning a baking event at school, instead.

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Reading and reflecting: 9th edition

Here is a thing that seems appropriate in snowy weather – adults in snow pants. Do you wear snow pants? I do sometimes when I’m out walking the dogs…
Why do adults in Ottawa wear snow pants on the bus?

* * * * *

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Lingering effects of endless distractions

The Weather Network on TV is having so! much! fun! with all of our weather woes here in North America at the moment. It’s quite amusing to sit on my couch with my coffee and watch them explain, over and over again, what to do and not to do because of the dangerous wind chills, and the snow, and the ice, and all the rest of it.

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