Kids sport tournaments

The annual ringette tournament is coming up this weekend, and my girl and I get to go on our own this year. The boys are in quarter finals hockey,  so their availability to join us looks sketchy. Continue reading


Monitoring beverages

As I get older, my ability to drink beverages and then go out someplace that does not have a loo nearby is getting more challenging with every passing year.  So, longer dog walks, parks and playgrounds, even some baseball diamonds are out (unless they’re newer and have these facilities on the premises, which here in Toronto is not always the case).

Hiding in bushes is neither convenient (it’s February, all the branches are bare), nor desirable (I’m not a kid, or a man…) 🙄

Coffee, tea and water are the worst culprits.  Continue reading

The next step: re-igniting career opportunities

I am not exactly a career person nowadays. But I used to be…

In my pre-baby life I was a flight attendant, and later a customer service rep, scheduler and marketing rep at a flight training facility (full-motion simulators, not planes). After 9/11, when the aviation industry took a big hit and many people lost theirs jobs in that industry, I went back to University and certified as a Technical Writer. Continue reading

Justifying nothing

A couple of years ago we visited a long time friend of my husband and stayed for dinner.

The friend is married with five children. The oldest two were in high school, the younger three similar aged as mine, early tween.

My husband’s friend works full time in finance. The mom is an elementary school teacher but was supplying on and off while a SAHM when the kids were young.

They have a very active life through their church, volunteering, and with extended family. She also volunteers at a variety of different organizations. They sing in choirs, act on movie sets and in theatres, play sports and travel.

They have a very exciting, busy life.

While sitting together after dinner, the kids off playing downstairs, we touched on a lot of different topics.

The conversations started out about work first as is often typical at these types of gatherings, then merged into parenting and kids activities. Soon the mom was telling us about all the things she was spearheading, and then, suddenly, they all looked at me.

“What do you do with your time?” they asked politely. Continue reading

Middle age and deteriorating eye sight

Do you wear glasses? Are they by chance reading glasses?

I have a pair of reading glasses with an attractive frame that were fairly expensive . Their lenses are prescription and work with my distance contact lenses I wear all day.

I only put my readers on when I’m on the computer, when I read fine print, or if I need to see something clearer, up close.

I have no need for reading glasses when my contacts are out. I read my books in bed without my contacts in, and without reading glasses.

Here’s the thing.

Glasses are a pain in the wazoo. Continue reading