Maintaining equilibrium at home during summer vacation

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That’s the word that comes to mind when I think of my state of mind during summer vacation so far.

Raising kids has that effect on a parent’s equilibrium, don’t you think? And the older they get, the more uncertain I get that my personal equilibrium remains intact.

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Soothing physical labor: when home ownership contributes to a healthy lifestyle

Yesterday was all about physical labour.

Physical labour, I’ll have you know, is good for you. 🙂 It’s cheaper than a gym membership, for one thing, not to mention being outside in summer weather is good for your mental health. The work, especially if it’s your own work (maintaining your own home) contributes to a certain type of well being that feeds the soul, you know? It pays back, so to speak. You can look at the finished product and pat yourself on the back and say “I contributed to this”.

Daily grind housework doesn’t feel quite the same. I mean, when I do six loads of laundry AND put it all away in the same day, which is practically unheard of around here, I don’t pat myself on the back and say ‘well done’. I just do it (or procrastinate about it). Same with the endless dishes and kitchen debris. That stuff never ends although when I see a clean and tidy counter prior to going to bed, and more importantly when I get up for coffee the next day, I do feel a sense of ‘glad I put the effort in last night’.

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Summer stay-cation plans: cooking lessons, dog sitting and reminiscing the long-gone toddler days

I’m on the fence about going camping in August.

Part of me really wants to go in order to be a part of the childhood experiences that are rapidly dwindling these days. I mean, not really, they’re 13 and 10 which really is still childhood, but in some ways I do see a gap forming between them and me. Especially with the older one. He’s expecting more freedom and independence, yet still lives like a child (meals are made, clean bed to sleep in, someone to buy him new shoes when he needs them). But he tends to want to do things with dad more which is completely normal and natural for an adolescent boy.

Dad likes camping. And fishing. And sleeping with bugs. In tents. During humidity heat waves. Without access to showers. And the kids don’t seem to mind either…

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Urban living: high density neighborhoods and noise

You know when you’re in a good mood and then a bunch of stuff happens and you suddenly feel like you need to withdraw, go someplace to be alone, recharge?

I went outside to hang the laundry when my mood changed. Flipped like a light switch from pleasantly content to irked and beyond. Had to get away from clutter and stuff and laundry baskets and crumbs and soccer on tv or else I was going to get into one of my rants.

Hanging laundry next to the guinea pig pen, and the birdhouse, and my flowers in my raised herb garden bed was going to be my calming action.

It did not help. Even though hanging laundry is a form of low impact exercise, which is supposed to be good for you. Right? Stretch to hang it up, bend down to pick it up, move a few steps this way, then that way…

It wasn’t calming.

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The ever fascinating internet: sifting through massive amounts of information

I have been thinking about the boys that were stuck in that cave in Thailand. According to the news the other morning, they are now all out. It reminded me of that Chilean mine rescue years ago, 2010, remember? They brought in a specially made capsule to rescue the trapped men one by one…I was up all night following along. Left a huge impression on me.

Same with these boys.

It’s heart wrenching to think about these things in concrete, tangible terms. A kid, any kid, and now all these adults, some of whom have kids, families, putting their own life on the line for a rescue mission. Working for a common cause, a desired result, coming together, sharing expertise. One rescuer died in the process of saving young lives…I think about him, and his family, too.

It’s enlightening to think about the combined efforts of so many people, often across international borders, that come together for the single purpose to save lives.

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How to find an accidentally deleted published post

I just deleted my last post, the one where I was annoyed. 🙂

I hit trash in mobile and off it went. When I looked at the trash can in mobile, and on the laptop, it wasn’t there.

My post is gone. With all your comments! Anyone know any deep WP secrets to retrieve it?

Edited to add: thank you to my village for helping me figure it out! You know who you are…I have the blog post back but without the comments and likes…I will figure that part out later. And maybe this post and its comments will help you out next time something like this happens. 🙂 In the meantime, my advice is this: back up your work.


Mood changes: from pleasant to annoyed

Today, I’m annoyed.

This didn’t happen immediately upon waking up, nor did I expect to feel annoyed later. We actually had a fantastic weekend, and I had a good sleep, woke up in a pleasant mood, had coffee while everyone else slept in, and bonus: the outdoor public pool was open and lessons a go. It had maintenance issues most of last week, cancelling lessons and swim club twice, which annoyed me then.

But not this morning. This morning I was in a happy mood.

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Interpreting punctuality: what is on time, and what is late? (Part I)

If someone tells me a class, an appointment or an event begins at 9 am, I am going to make every effort to arrive at the destination at least ten minutes before 9 am.

This is what punctual means to me.

Likewise, if I was told to hand in a school assignment on Tuesday the 22nd, and my class for which the assignment was for is scheduled from 2-3 pm, I would have my assignment ready to be handed in on Tuesday the 22nd at 2 pm.

Not email it to the teacher five minutes to midnight on Tuesday the 22nd.

This is how I interpret on time performance. Continue reading