Blending blogging with podcasts

Disclaimer: The following post is about an experience I had listening to a podcast. I am not advertising the blogs or podcasts on behalf of the bloggers, although I did link to them. They didn’t ask me to write this post; I came up with this idea all by myself. 😉 Also, be aware: this is a lengthy, wordy post. Exactly the sort of thing you would expect from me. 😉


It was probably two years ago when I discovered a dad-blogger who was as active in blogging as I was. Or maybe he discovered me. I don’t remember. Anyway, at one point we started to read each other, then follow each other, and over time, we got to know one another in the comments.

There is, among blogging moms and dads with school-aged children, an understanding that often doesn’t require explaining. We are IN it, and we get it. And, as in our case, we blog about it. 😛

He became a friend for a variety of reasons:

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Clandestine tales

Imagine a friend,
In a faraway land,
Or in the next town over.

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Noise, silence and writing

No matter what time I go to bed I’m up at 6 am.

Or earlier.

Only very rarely do I stay in bed past that time. Or go back to bed after a trip to the loo. 🙂

There is something about the quiet, the solitude, the dim light in the early mornings that appeals to me. Wakes my senses, makes them more pronounced. This is usually a good time to start writing.

But not always.

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The words will come (or not)

Imagine…something. A story. A fantasy. Words that flow out of your head and into your keyboard.

There they sit. Staring back at you.

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How do you categorize and label your blog?

Some of us blog to empty our heads into the keyboard, as Jonathan would say. Others focus on Perfect Moments (Anthony), or gratitude (TracyEllen). Many of us just type randomly about this or that and get on with our day. Others still have new themes each week, or intersperse their blogging by creating stories…still others have art or photography to share. It’s endless, really, what is possible with blogging.

It’s all good. We are the owners, bosses, big Kahunas of our little domain on the internet and we can do what we want.

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Elusive sleep

Imagine, a hangover. But not from cocktails.

A heavy head, filled with fog. Thick and soupy, full of words that won’t transmit.


A fantasy filled with desire and hope.


There is no time, no peace, no focus.

But it will come. It has to.

The story takes shape, slowly, like the torso of a snowman. Getting bigger, fatter.

Until it melts. Again.

Sleep eludes. The wifi beckons. It never sleeps.

Maybe the words will form at dawn.

Maybe not.

Thoughts about gift giving, writing and She Sheds

To be quite honest, I don’t really believe in this whole gift giving thing at Christmas anymore. Sure, let the kids have some presents, but for myself, I honestly don’t need or even want anything.

Which doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the token. I’m just saying, save your money. 🙂

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