Back to the dog walking routine

I spent most of the Christmas break not doing much of anything, knowing our activities schedule will double as of January. I wanted to rest and charge my batteries as much as possible.

This is what it’s like nowadays when a summer sport has an ‘off-season’. In our case it’s baseball. For both kids. The indoor training sessions begin now, and sometime in May (hopefully) the outdoor practices will begin at the local diamonds. (This is true for competitive sports, not recreational ones.)

And January inevitably arrived, so now we’re back to routine and school and twice as many activities and…

Dog walking is back!


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We need another form, no parent ever said

I think there should be a new law:

Every time a school sends home a duplicate form they have to plant a new tree.

A rant is forming in my head but I’m not gonna give in to it. 😜 But if that law existed, we’d be living in a very dense forest by now.

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A container of food for the little old lady

The other day I went over to take Molly, the Schnoodle pup who just celebrated her 12th birthday, for a walk and then on to my house for a change of scenery.

(Scroll down and check out my Instragram feed of Molly’s head on my leg, preventing me from getting up and doing just about anything that day…)

Her female human is recuperating from a lengthy medical procedure and appreciated my offer to sit the pooch. The male human was at work.

As I entered the house, we exchanged some chit chat while simultaneously paying attention to a very barky Molly. Then, on my way out the door, my friend handed me a Tupperware container full of food.

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The intrigue of blogging – part 1

This post will be part of a series.

I stumbled on a new blog via Rachel (who is amazing and does surveys of older people blogging, click here to see some of her analysis). Rachel mentioned a blogger who wrote his 1000th post about what he learned while blogging himself.

I actually read all 77 items he listed if you can believe it. Not all in one sitting…I had coffee to make, and water to drink, and breakfast to pop into the microwave, and lunches to pack, and kids to get out of the house and and and…

But I did read them. I have things to say about quite a few of the points, yet don’t want to make this a rambling, long post, so I will comment on just a few of his remarks, and come back next week with another set.

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