Stupid things I have done I am not proud of

At the grocery store one time, I picked up an item and put it in the cart. At the next aisle, I changed my mind about the item and put it on the shelf in the wrong aisle where it does not belong. So if you see a jar of Nutella among the olive oil bottles, you’ll know it was me who shopped there earlier.

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Writing under a pseudonym: why or why not?

So. I never did find my broom yesterday. 🙂

I also noticed my comments were off on my witch selfie post…WP does have a mind of its own some days it seems…

This is me today:

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The more demented the better (imported from tumblr – test)

(I made a tumblr and am now playing around with it. I imported this post from tumblr to see how it worked. Not sure I will continue to do this. Forgive my ramble below…lol)

I’ve been following Preacher, that show on AMC, for a while now and I like it way better than the Walking Dead.

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Ask me something

How about we do something a little different today?

I’m feeling a little uninspired about my words lately, so I thought we could play a game of asking questions.

Do you want to know something about me or my life or my thoughts or my perspectives I haven’t already addressed in 49 things about me?

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Stale Sunday

Things feel a little stale around here lately.

We’ve been back from vacation now for a while and it was only today that I did a proper grocery shopping. I took the girl child with me, and a list, and picked up almost all I had planned.

Except butter. They want me to pay $6.99 for a pound of butter.

Or watermelon. Same price for watermelon.

I think that’s ridiculous.

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One step at a time

While doing some banking online and watching Jamie Oliver on tv, I was kind of irked that the interrupting commercial break advertised Kentucky Fried Chicken. Of all the fast food/fried chicken places, this one is probably the worst one. ICK. (And I like fried chicken but not with abused, factory raised poultry.)

Ironically, Jamie was cooking chicken. Fresh, organic, farm-raised, 20-minute chicken. Looked much better than the commercial, if you ask me.

This was the second thing that irked me today, the commercial. The first thing was booger kid on Cynthia’s blog. OMG I’m still shuddering at the gif in my head. 😛

(THANKS, friend.) 🙂

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