Sunday chit chat

Did you notice I made my blog private today? It was me, not WP, and it was an accident. I was goofing around with something else, and managed to screw things up.

This is my head space today. Yay.

Anyway. It’s Sunday evening and I thought I would send out a ramble to entertain the internet. Nothing exciting has happened, so just some idle chit chat. Feel free to skip and ignore at will. 🙂

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Snapshots from a lazy Christmas day in Canada

Earlier today I told a friend I’m never eating again and he immediately made his first prediction for 2020. Unsurprisingly, his prediction came true less than two hours later. 😶

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Snapshots on a cold Friday

Today I realized I failed at numerous goals I’ve set for myself for December, namely in the eating and drinking department.

For instance: I am drinking less water than I need to in order to flush out all the carbs and sugar I seem to be stuffing my face with lately.

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Fruity ice cubes for summer drinks

How about a little something different today? I’m so tapped out with all the horrible stories coming at me from every direction…I’m feeling kind of uninspired. I’m also suffering from insomnia which, in itself, hasn’t been a bad thing; I’ve been writing fiction and getting better at it. Perhaps soon I will feel ready to share some of it…

But today, let’s talk about drinks. Spiked drinks. 🙂

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