Driving, getting lost, and icky food

Today I dropped my daughter off at some obscure pool in a park that I was unfamiliar with and got lost. Twice.

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Is anyone else in a mood?  We’re still on holidays here in Canada until the  first week of September but I tell you I’m really getting ready for the routine to return. Every year, every late summer, I find that the lack of UNINTERRUPTED time to myself for even just a couple of hours a day has me feeling very out of sorts.

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Small luxuries

So after my little meltdown yesterday the main floor of this house is clean(er).

I think I melted down because I was out for an appointment and some errands and came home to the entire house looking like a landfill. There is only so much of this I can take on a regular basis.. (blah)

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First world problems: emptying the dishwasher

I have a question for you, but before I give you my own answer, I want to explain something.

First, the question.

If you have a dishwasher, what part of emptying it do you hate the most?

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