Prevaling introversion

I remember now why I evolved into introversion over the years:

I don’t want to witness, be surrounded, or entertained by idiocy. 😳

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A surprise adventure (part 1)

Yesterday, on a whim, I contacted our dog-owning friends to ask them a question.

“Will you let me kidnap your Schnoodle?” I asked [not so] innocently.

This Schnoodle:


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Too much action not enough coffee

This morning I was awakened with a pat on the back and the word “cars” voiced into my semi-consciousness.

I picked up my phone to check the time: 7:15 am.

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Breaking free

This morning I was on my way to my parents’ place when the DJ on Q107, a classic rock station in Toronto, took requests from listeners. She said:

Give me a song title that describes your situation right now.”


The first request she played on the air was spot on. (Not made by me. But may as well have been…) 😉

I wanna break free

by Queen 😂

Now, the lyrics Freddie belted out aren’t about coronavirus or, you know, family and teenage drama, but I still like the title of the song. It’s appropriate. 😳

Boo. 😄


(In)consequential thoughts during lock-down

My local fruit and vegetable hole-in-the-wall shop where EVERYONE in my ‘hood gets their produce has closed.

It raises questions:

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Pandemic family adventures and a brief hospital commentary

Yesterday afternoon, 3/4 of my family entered my parents’ house and went about making some modifications to it.

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Surreal day

Last night ended in a relaxing, long bath. Because, yesterday, the whole day was kind of surreal.

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