Wrong place right time

Last night I drove my kid to the wrong venue for practice.

Boo. 🙂

(Just bear with me here…I may sound like I’m complaining but really, I’m just anecdote-ing my life as it unfolds because one day when I’m all alone and old and probably depressed I’ll re-read this drivel and it will help me remember that I went through all these adventures as a parent of kids in sports during the age of the internet.)

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The power ballad that entered my head

I think many of you know I’m a GenXer. I was influenced by 80s music and all that. I listen to radio stations in the car that play 80s music, and I have a list in my Spotify account with mostly 80s music.

Just the other day, a song popped up that hasn’t been played in forever. I forgot about this song even though it was played a million times when I was in school.

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Another mayhem Monday

This morning I woke to some uncertainties as to whether or not I will be driving to some obscure part of town through massive amounts of construction for a baseball game the girl child was scheduled to play in later this evening.

I originally booked her off. Then I got an email from the coach asking if she was available.

I looked at the weather and saw that most of the week will be rainy and figured, why not. I’ll find a way to juggle it. It may be the only game we’ll get in this week.

So I sucked it up, went through anxiety mode to prepare for my trip by attacking google maps every which way in order to find the easiest/fastest route to get there without getting lost or losing my mind and finally calmed down enough to tackle the rest of my day. 🙄

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Here’s what happened when I saw Kafka’s bug

Today I saw a giant, disgusting, creepy-crawly, icky bug with a million legs which was at least a foot long. 😵

Reminded me of the bug in Kafka’s Metamorphosis, although that one was more like a cockroach if memory serves… 😳

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Today the grandma of my daughter’s friend took a long, hard look at me outside of the home where I was picking up my girl and said:

“You look like that movie star. What was her name again?”

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How do writers capture, and maintain, their readers interests?

I read a lot. I suppose most of us who write, or like to write, do the same.

Here’s a thought about that:

Not all reading material we pick up we end up enjoying.

Am I right?

I have come across quite a few blog posts in recent days on this topic. It preoccupies me, but not in the way you might expect. There are always more books you can get your hands on, more reading material. These days, fresh topics are literally within reach of the palm of your hand. A click away.

But does this mean you always enjoy reading what you picked? People like Deb and LA talk about this in their blogs, as do many others.

I think about reading in conjunction with writing. Often, reading something is what inspires me to write something.

But I want to dig a little deeper:

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