One step at a time

While doing some banking online and watching Jamie Oliver on tv, I was kind of irked that the interrupting commercial break advertised Kentucky Fried Chicken. Of all the fast food/fried chicken places, this one is probably the worst one. ICK. (And I like fried chicken but not with abused, factory raised poultry.)

Ironically, Jamie was cooking chicken. Fresh, organic, farm-raised, 20-minute chicken. Looked much better than the commercial, if you ask me.

This was the second thing that irked me today, the commercial. The first thing was booger kid on Cynthia’s blog. OMG I’m still shuddering at the gif in my head. 😛

(THANKS, friend.) 🙂

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What comes down must go up: moody blues

Yesterday was a horrible day. Just plain horrible and it got worse as the day progressed. I lost some crucial things I needed, including debit cards and health insurance (they turned up eventually) and ultimately I ended up making the family dinner, and went to bed at 6.

6 pm.

So sue me.

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Artistic impressions and the questions they leave

When we went to old Zurich on our last day of vacation in Switzerland, we walked by a gallery where I saw this sculpture.

The artist’s name is Alexander E. Raber, and I wish I had gone in to look around. 🙂 (The gallery was closed, unfortunately, at that time.)

I have some questions:

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Early morning baking

I’m sitting here full of coffee and honey toast watching Mom on tv.

There is a child sleeping in my bed, clean laundry all around me I can’t put away in my bedroom, and wet cleats in the oven turned on low.

My life is sooo exciting! 😂

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Strange Swiss things: all things bathrooms (part 1)

This is a continuation of the vacation memories I blogged about while away in Switzerland.


I came across weird things in Swiss bathrooms that seem foreign to us North Americans so me being me, I took out my phone and snapped photos for you. You’re welcome. 🙂

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Jetlag after a long, trans-atlantic flight

Ah yes, it brings back memories from my flight attendant days. The fatigue, the confusion, the messed-up time… 🙂

Going to bed early because your body clock thinks it’s six hours later and then waking up early for the same reason…that’s fun!

Not really. 😐

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GenXers, digital technology and the authenticity of blogging friendships

I am interrupting my vacation memories reporting to bring you some other thoughts percolating through my head. 🙂

There are people in my life who consider internet friends not real.

Most ‘real’ people in my life consider all things social media ‘fake’. Essentially, they consider a person I ‘met’ through a blog or social media as ‘not a real friend’ and thereby ‘fake’.

As if meeting in physical life is a prerequisite to authentic friendship.

I am not one of those people.

Are you?

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20. Vacation memories: Lugano (part 4)

We visited the southern Swiss-Italian city of Lugano while vacationing in Switzerland. You can read about our adventures in this colourful, almost Mediterranean town in part 1, part 2 and part 3.


Up, up, up the cobblestone steps we were led by the GPS in search of churches, before making our way back to Bellinzona and then into our little mountain village.

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