Welcome to my blog! I’m a mom of a tween girl and a teen boy and the partner of a pilot-turned-college professor. We live and work and play in Toronto’s south western corner of Etobicoke close to the lake, parks, bike paths and little shops. The Big Box Stores and highways are 10 minutes away so it’s a great location to call home, except for the traffic. Toronto is a huge metropolitan city plagued by all the same issues other modern cities are but for now, this is where we’ll stay. Older kid is on his way to high school soon, and the other kid is in middle school, and I’m making them take the transit bus. 🙂

Things are never boring…

I blog here, I write a bit of fiction for fun, I walk dogs for money (mostly to feed the teen boy) and I spend a LOT of time in rinks.

Here’s a post listing 49 things about me.

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