Random dude at my door

Yesterday some random guy comes to my door and knocks.

My main door was open but the screen door was locked. This is because I was dog sitting and Jerry likes looking outside and bark at the squirrels.

There’s a sign posted on the screen door that says No Soliciting. But apparently some people can’t read.

So the dude is standing there, sweating profusely, and won’t go away.

I walk over, hold on to the dog collar, and open the door a crack.

“you wanabulameetkals?” he says.

“Pardon?” I say.


“I can’t understand you”, I said and pointed to the no soliciting sign.

He chuckles. He’s overweight, hot, covered in sweat, and kind of weird, but not in a scary kind of way, more in a stupid kind of way.

“I’m. Selling. Meat. You. Want. To. Buy. Some. Chicken.” he says slowly.


I look around to see if there’s a truck with a logo on the street, or parked nearby.


I look at him.

“No.” I said and started to walk away.

“Fine”,  he said and left.

My question is this: who in their right mind buys meat from some random guy who goes door to door?

Not me, that’s who.




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