Ode to coffee

Rarely have I looked forward to my third and final cup of coffee as much as I did today!


My coffee ritual in the morning is pretty much the exact same way every single day. The only time it isn’t is if I’m sick. But even if I’m sick, I still have to get up and get them out of the house so coffee often is still part of the routine. The coffee just doesn’t taste the same, but the infusion of caffeine seems just as necessary despite the illness.

But my regular, normal coffee routine, that is my bliss.

Usually, I’m the first one up. I wake up earlier than the rest of the family on purpose because I love my alone time prior to the official start of the day in an almost irrational way. If someone else is  up, even if they don’t disturb me, my state of mind is ever so slightly affected because a shift in the balance of events has occurred. I can still manage fine, you understand, but my preference is that I have my 20 to 30 minutes alone in the morning so I can wake up slowly and get my head on, so to speak.

I get up and do my bathroom routine (but I don’t shower yet).  Then I make coffee. My french press is set up, the kettle is full, and the coffee available in the designated drawer. I don’t require brain power to do anything other than turn the kettle on, and scoop the coffee grounds into my pot.

A tiny speckle of irritation affects my not quite awake brain cells if someone used the kettle the night prior (for tea, or hot chocolate) and then didn’t re-fill the kettle. This requires an additional step in my routine which may seem like an insignificant detail to them, but it’s not one I particularly want to take. You know what I mean? Please refill the kettle prior to going to bed at night.

Then I turn on the local news. I set up my tablet to run the email with my electronic agenda, and, if required, make myself my comfy spot on the still old couch (new couch coming in two weeks!) if they left it a mess with the pillows and blankets last night (another undesirable step, but such is family life).

By now, the coffee is ready for pouring. I sit in front of my local news, hot coffee on the table in front of me, tablet on my  lap, and I watch the news, sip my coffee and read the email agenda.


Next, either hubby or the girl-child will get up. Hubby has his own routine, but girlie wants to snuggle. She can, and with a small reminder to watch out for the hot cup in my hand, she settles in next to me. We watch the school day forecast, the traffic (just because it’s on) and marvel at how lucky we are that we can walk to school and don’t have to battle the congestion today.


Second cup of coffee gets poured while I make breakfast for the children, and my awake child switches the channel to her morning show. (The Wild Kratts is her favorite.)

At some point during the making-breakfast-school-lunches-sipping-second-cup-of-coffee routine, I make my way to my oldest’s bedroom to wake him up with a back rub and, often, a reminder that 1. skipping school because he’s tired is not an option, and 2. “wait till you’re back in hockey season and even more tired in the morning, may as well get used to it” lecture, if he refuses to get up.

From that moment on until he leaves for the bus is kinda hectic and I don’t have time to sip more coffee. Besides, if there’s still some left in my cup from earlier, it’ll be cold now and I do not like cold coffee.

Fast forward to the morning rush being over, and often, the first of several errands completed, many out of the house (in the form of shopping). I get back by around mid-morning, but prior to what would theoretically be called ‘an early lunch’ (so anytime before 11:30), and I make myself my third cup of coffee then.

This is the one I enjoy the most.

third and final cup of coffee

Everyone is out of the house and it’s silent. I have my computer on, my coffee nearby, and the first of several errands already accomplished. Between now and lunchtime I get to stay here, work or read or write or do all three, at my leisure.

When I take the final sip of coffee, just before it turns lukewarm, I realize that the coffee ritual is over for the day, and the tea ritual will begin later.

Until tomorrow morning, good bye coffee. And thank you for helping me wake up.


2 thoughts on “Ode to coffee

  1. I get excited about going to bed just because I know coffee is coming when I wake up. Not sure if that makes me old, deranged, boring or a true coffee lover(maybe all apply). Haha


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