Pre-cooking meals, and how to stretch your meat dollar

Yesterday I went to the grocery store and bought a lot of food.

I am on a mission to stop this endless running to the store every few days. Seems even with my list, I end up coming home without items and then off I go again 24 hours later to pick it up elsewhere. It never seems to end.

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How to stay informed without tuning into tv’s morning shows

My weekday morning habit is to watch a local breakfast morning show while sipping my tea. I watch for school day weather forecasts, school bus delays or cancellations, and traffic accidents for those who commute that morning. Then there’s some news highlights of what’s happening in our city, local events, crime or other stories.

Twice in a half hour they cover the major news, both local and other.

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Ringette, a girl’s ice sport

This post describes a little bit what a ringette team is all about. I talk about why we chose to let our young daughter try and play ringette, how it differs (slightly) from hockey, and why we think it’s a great sport for girls (although boys are allowed to join a ringette team up to the age of 10 in our league).

If you have a girl who likes to skate but is a little uncomfortable with joining a boy’s hockey team, or even play hockey on a girl’s team, this post is for you.

Ringette will teach each player how to skate (or improve her skating), how to play the game and follow its rules, how to compete in a relatively relaxed atmosphere, and most importantly, how to have fun with other, like-minded girls of similar age.

In addition, I elaborate each section below with a little bit of a personal perspective, and added some pictures of our own daughter in action. I do hope that it is useful to you.

So please, read on, and let me know if you have anything you might like to contribute.

* * * * *

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I’m tired. And just to add to that sentiment, this weekend we lose an hour of sleep. What a ridiculous thing, this time change.

I have time for…precisely nothing.

March break is upon us and I hope for dry weather. Sunshine would be nice too. We have some now, after days of rain, which only meant muddy paws on our furry house-guest Molly.

It’s been a strange winter in our part of Canada this year. For example, every single Tuesday it rained. Continue Reading

The challenges of living with eczema

I started my day without coffee today.

I had a tea, instead. With the tiniest amount of milk.

It’s just about the worst day to cut coffee from your diet: it’s February in Canada, it’s grey and raining (not even snowing), it’s cold, it’s miserably…I look forward to my coffee every day.


I cannot get rid of this eczema that is bothering my wrists, my hands, and now moving up along the arms.

hand and wrist eczema

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Expiration dates on documents

Today was one of those days when I realized that there is too much paper in this house.

It all started with the kids report cards that needed filing away. Those papers were neatly stapled together, and placed on an ever growing pile of other important documents that I needed to put into their respective folder or place where we store such things. Continue Reading