Sports parenting between seasons: aka growing roots into the couch

Last Sunday, baseball ended with a silver medal for my 12 year old son. And with that, my schedule suddenly looked very empty. I deleted all the existing, pre-scheduled practices that were intended for preparations for the Provincials, and looked at the lovely, empty squares.

I messaged my friend all the way over the pond in Germany and said “there is no sports scheduled on the calendar for the next three weeks!”

She responded with something to the effect of “Really? No sports at all?”

Turns out, I was mistaken. It appears I continue to act like an amateur when it comes to sports-mom-ing around here. It’s like tradition now. I really should know better.


My kid thought he had some time off, too, and happily plugged into his tablet.  There’s videos to watch, and games to play, and videos to watch…

He took root on my couch. 🙂

Just like Jeremy in Zits we sometimes have similar scenes here… 🙂 source:

So, after a couple of scheduling-free days, I looked at my calendar app again. All this lack of activity can’t be right…

Of course it wasn’t. I see a potential hockey practice and an exhibition game in less than a week on the teamsnap app. There are also numerous emails about drop in programs to help get the young player back in hockey shape.


The kid has new equipment, and new skates from all the growing, so he’s off to the drop in programs just to work that stuff in, soften it a bit. Then, practice later in the week, and the first game next week.

Here we go again! Hockey season has begun. 🙂

Beware the junk drawer

As usual, today began with me looking for something.

Typically I start with the junk drawer.

Naturally, I couldn’t find it. I have long forgotten what it is, but it no longer matters. Because once I realize I’m not going to find the elusive it, I stopped looking.

Five minutes later, my junk drawer looked like this:

A little wipe down and it’ll look like the brand new drawer I had three years ago when we renovated the kitchen.

I love the look of empty things. So much possibility to organize and clean and put in order!

Except, my island counter above the junk drawer now looks like this:

In German there’s an expression for this: “Es hat mich gepackt”. Basically what it means is “stay outa momma’s way because I am in a ‘throw it all out’ mood”.

Tonight will be wine-time.


Shopping at Costco: adhere to mom’s plan or stay out of her way

This morning I announced that we can no longer put off a trip to Costco.

I’m out of everything I normally purchase there, but more importantly, I’m out of patience to keep running to smaller stores to pick up this and that every couple of days. It takes a certain mental focus to feed a sports family, even during the lull of summer vacation. They may not be in the depth of hockey season right now, but they’re in baseball, and lifeguard club, not as heavy but still, enough to constantly have to feed them something more sustainable than a sandwich they make themselves…

This morning, I had my list, my membership card, and both my debit and credit card ready. Typically I’m pretty good at estimating the cost of the contents in my shopping cart.

My partner said he’d stay home this time, to go ahead with the kids. At the last minute he decided to join us. This is good in the way that a) he can drive and battle the parking lot, and b) he will remember items he likes that he didn’t tell me to put on the list. Nothing worse than coming home from a long, bulky trip to the words “did you remember the almond butter?”.

I wish people would remember this stuff when I compose my list…

So we get there, the parking lot is relatively empty, and I’m hoping this trip will be painless and, dare I say it, enjoyable.

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Random dude at my door

Yesterday some random guy comes to my door and knocks.

My main door was open but the screen door was locked. This is because I was dog sitting and Jerry likes looking outside and bark at the squirrels.

There’s a sign posted on the screen door that says No Soliciting. But apparently some people can’t read.

So the dude is standing there, sweating profusely, and won’t go away.
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Anticipating happy hour…

It’s taken a few weeks and a few trips* out of town to finally feel like summer-vacation-mode is in full swing.

But today, I feel edgy, irritated and annoyed. I’m finding myself craving solitude which is practically impossible in this tiny bungalow, during summer vacation and with everyone home. Constantly.

I could pack my laptop and head to the library to work and write. But then I would miss my snacks and what if I have to pee? Do I pack up the laptop, risk losing my spot, all because my bladder can’t handle to wait?

Would rather have an empty house, healthy snacks handy and my own bathroom. Continue Reading