End of school and sport season: brain fry

One of the baseball moms shared a story with me last night.

“Don’t talk to me about brain fry,” she said. “I brought my kid to the game without her equipment.”

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Dystopia, apocalypse…what is this world coming to?

Spoilers ahead on the Handmaid's tale tv series...

Dystopian societies are scarier than apocalyptic ones, if you ask me. Right now, it feels like we’re living in some sort of preamble of either possibility, or maybe we’re already well on our way into one.

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Cooking, chopping, tossing: when the family helps in the kitchen

I’m hungry just thinking about this post.

Lately I have had a heck of a time following a low carb diet. I really have no excuse, the greens in the garden are exploding at the moment. What a great way to enhance boring old salads.

Curly parsley, taragon, the big fat green leaves are arugula, chives, flat leaf parsley and fresh dill.

I snip them into green salads, tuna or salmon salads, pasta dishes, pasta salads, soups, and grain salads.

Missing and still to be planted: various types of basil (sweet, greek and thai are my favorite), summer savory (I have winter), sages (multi-coloured), and chervil which goes great with eggs and fish dishes. Continue reading

Blogging twice: merging two personalities with writing

How many blogs do you write on? Have you started, and/or abandoned different blogs over the years?

I thought blogging was going out of style after the initial mom-blog bandwagon that I, too, jumped on. Today, I seem to notice no shortage of blogs, and most have nothing to do with parenting! Plus, it appears empty-nesters and seniors are happily blogging away, as my reader feed tells me.

This makes me happy. 😊

I currently maintain two blogs: this one, and the Sorry, Can’t Hear You blog.

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Name-calling, insults and misinterpretation: the way many people use social media

The other day I stumbled across a tweet where the guy mentioned his grocery bill went up by $100 a week.

The comments were ridiculous. Almost all of them remarked on his ability to feed himself and his family for $100.

He didn’t say that.

He said his bill went up by that much per week.

People don’t read properly.

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Traveling with kids: packing for sport tournaments

As you may have gathered by the header image of my blog,  we are a sports family. It’s summer time, and this means baseball!

What does it mean to be a sport family? Well, one thing sports families do is they go on tournaments. Both local and away tournaments require traveling, which by default means packing.

Although I like traveling, I am not a fan of packing stuff. Especially for a family trip…

I hate stuff. Continue reading

Sport parenting: away trips with teens

This weekend, I will be at an away baseball tournament with my son. I’m leaving the girl child at home with her dad; they too have a tournament, but theirs is local.

I hope they won’t forget to feed the guinea pigs in my absence.

My son and I are going to spend the night in a college residence only because the evening game on Friday ends fairly late and we have to be back at the diamond first thing the next day. Plus, he’s scheduled to play three games on Saturday, which promises to make it an extra long day. Continue reading