Easy summer lunches

I spend enough time making meals throughout the year, so the less cooking and food prep I have to do during summer the better. I want to continue to enjoy cooking, which is why I need to take a mental break from all the planning, shopping and associated hoopla that is feeding the family, during the summer months.

Here are some simple lunches I’ve made this past summer which everyone here enjoys: Continue reading


From perfectly content to miserable: when moods change at the flip of a switch

There’s an expression in German I’ve heard my aunt use from time to time:

“Wie angeworfen.”

It means “like it was tossed at me”.

There are several occasions where this expression can be used; most often however it references two things: Continue reading

Stuff and clutter: what we own, what we store, what we’ll inherit

Have you read the list of 49 things about me I posted the other day? Numbers 6, 7 and 8 touch on my desire for order in this house. Frankly, I could come up with 49 items just on that topic, but that would be a boring list to read. 😛

But the accumulation of stuff is a prevailing topic in my life.

For instance, my parents are housing stuff that belongs to us. Even though we have our own house, you understand.

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