Mastering the to-do list: electronic apps, or paper?

I have a to-do list in Keep, a Google app that lets you take your list with you if you install it in your phone.

Handy dandy, I thought while clicking the icon to download it.

And it is. If you use it, that is.

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Communication failures, or the prohibited stew-eating incident of last year

How many of us struggle with communication getting through within our own families?

I know I do and although some days or weeks are better than others, there is always room for improvement in the communications department.

Especially with the husband. 🙂

I’ll leave the kids out of this conversation at the moment, since a) they’re kids! and b) they have selective hearing, and c) they’re kids…


I have a somewhat funny anecdote to share that illustrates this frustrating phenomenon of communication not getting through. Although at the time I was seething, I am (sort of) getting past it now. Frankly, if I spend too much time allowing that experience to rattle around in my head I feel myself getting all tense again. Still, working on seeing positives instead of dwelling on the negatives has its benefits on my mental health, and what better way to deal with this than to write it out in a blog post?

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About presidents, and politics

Every single day, media outlets both here in Canada and in the USA report something about American presidents: current one, past ones, future ones.

It’s entertaining and maddening and kind of exhausting, truth be told. There is a lot of drama in the political world these days…especially in America.

And then, Oprah made a speech.

And now, people apparently want her to be the next president of the United States.

Even Bunmi Laditan from HonestToddler had a whole thing in Twitter about her.

So here is what I think:

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Quirks and oddities: running the household

Do you have some odd or quirky way of doing things in your household that some people think is weird?

My family often thinks that I’m odd and quirky. I used to think that I’m the only one, but it appears that this is simply not so. Some of the blogs I have discovered in the last few months proves this to me. There are women like me out there who agonize over things that don’t seem to preoccupy the general population but bother people like me.

So when this thing happened last night, I didn’t feel quite so odd anymore.

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More house maintenance, a big breakfast and snow!

I took the kids out for breakfast this morning because we’re getting the ducts cleaned. I knew they’d have the door propped open for a portion of the day, and would be walking around the house dealing with the vents. Knowing what my kids are like during their morning routine, I didn’t want to deal with that added dimension – trust me no this. The end of the semester prior to the highly volatile Christmas break = major grumpiness among my minions here. Best to get them out of here. 🙂

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Texting kids and the current social climate

Everyone knows that siblings bicker, fight, and argue, right? Sometimes they insult each other, too. I happen to have a boy and a girl so I’m privy of this little irritation especially during the winding down of something – approaching a break, a change in grade or sports, some major event.

Bottom line is they love each other fiercely even if they call each other idiots* and morons* twenty times a day.

Right? 🙄


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The wake-up routines of now and then

There was an episode on the long-running sitcom Frasier years ago that stuck to my brain. Well, several of them do, I really enjoyed that show, but one in particular seems to enter my mind quite frequently. It’s the one where, if I remember correctly, his dad moved in with him and the father-son team are adjusting to living together under this new dynamic.

Frasier liked his morning routine to be Just So. His father, being older and harbouring a hip disability, has his own ideas of how mornings should run and he disrupts his son’s routine completely. At one point Frasier loses it and starts yelling and waving his arms around complaining that his paper is not in front of his door, and when he locates it it’s no longer in the right order, or crisp and unwrinkled…anyway, he is all freaked out and complaining to his dad. It’s funny.

But it’s also not funny. I too like to have a certain morning routine that I hang on to like I do my first cup of coffee. I enjoy that few minutes of alone time before the hustle of kids and school begins. Continue reading