Reading and Reflecting: 10th edition

I have recently joined Goodreads. And Tumblr. Just shoot me. The internet is my worst enemy… 🙄

But, as an avid reader, I have come to appreciate the internet in ways I never thought possible. If you know where to look and can stay away from the brain rot type of distractions, you can find yourself immersed in a bottomless pit of literary gems.

So let’s begin with some cool quotes:

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Hibernation is impractical, and phone alerts are loud

It appears my plans to hibernate until April are not practical.

There’s the dog living here and another one needs walking and the family wants to go to the Auto show and a kid has a practice tonight and a game in Niagara Falls tomorrow and, and, and…

Ok fine, I’ll get up and make coffee.

This morning I was irritated by an alert that came in on my phone. Here’s what happens in Canada:

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Finally… (warning: rant ahead)

My dog walking is back. Seems the city is learning how to deal with winter and schools are open and everyone is expected to go to work or do grocery shopping or whatever it is that people do with their day so I got called back to my duties as dog walker extraordinaire. Because the dogs’ humans are back at work.

Wanna know something?

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Snow day

This morning at about 6:30 am, the Greater Toronto Area basically shut down in its tracks. That would be the city itself, as well as most of the bedroom communities surrounding it.

For the first time in 8 years, even the Toronto District School Board decided to cancel school in favour of a snow day. They cancel school buses often, but never school.

Today, they canceled school. 🙂

A whopping winter storm has begun and it’s gonna be a mess.

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Brain rot

Over the last few weeks, I have spent time outside of WordPress to look for fresh, new content. I dabbled in a few social media apps mostly, but also went on some other blog platforms.

Here’s what I found:

Very little quality content.

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Taking a moment to calm down

Omg I had a morning today I rather I didn’t…

It must be Friday. Or Monday. Or any school day… 🙄

If you consider yourself a squeamish person, stop reading now because I’ll tell you things you can’t unsee in this rant. But such is life for us women; just another issue we have no choice but to deal with.


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